Sunsilk Natural Recharge Strong & Abundant Shampoo and Conditioner Review

Okay, let me start this post by admitting something. The last time I used Sunsilk shampoos and conditioners was around 20 years ago! Once I was in college, I started using imported stuff, though still drugstore ones. Call it snobbish if you will but, that’s how it was. Recently, when I received a press kit from Sunsilk containing a shampoo and conditioner from their Natural Recharge range, I was wondering whether I should try them or not. I was also sulfate-free since two months (read post here) so that was another reason for me to hesitate. Though, to be fair, the shampoo and conditioner in this range are Paraben-free and also PH neutral. Finally, I decided to try it out to give you an honest review.

Sunsilk Natural Recharge Shampoo and Conditioner

What Sunsilk Claims

New Sunsilk Natural Recharge Strong and abundant is infused with ginseng plant root extract. It helps to strengthen, nourish and recharge tired hair making your hair look thick & abundant. The new formulation has been co-created by celebrity hair stylist and Sunsilk expert, Jamal Hammadi, to recharge hair’s natural look and strength so that young girls, have one less worry on their mind! For best results, use the conditioner along with the shampoo
Commenting on the launch of this path-breaking formula, Jamal Hammadi says, “Plant root extracts from the likes of ginseng have been used for thousands of years in beauty and health remedies but now I see them on trend more than ever!”
 Sunsilk natural recharge strong & abundant is infused with ginseng plant root extract.  It gives your hair strength and vitality so that girls can live their life to the full with their strong beautiful and visibly abundant hair.  He is extremely proud of New Sunsilk Natural Recharge range as it really does give hair a recharge. Girls can now ride bikes, Trek Mountains, without having to worry about their hair. Sunsilk natural recharge strong & abundant is infused with plant roots.  It gives your hair strength and vitality so that girls can live their life to the full with their strong beautiful thick hair. 


Sunsilk Natural Recharge Strong and Abundant shampoo and conditioner
The shampoo comes in a very pale, minty-green curved bottle with a fliptop cap. The cap shuts tight so I don’t think there would be any product leakage if you carry it on your travels. The conditioner comes in a tube of the same pale mint colour, again with a flip-top cap.

Texture and Ingredients

When I first opened the shampoo bottle, I was greeted with the lovely fragrance of green apples. The shampoo is thick and white and…hold your breath….shimmery!!! I wonder what those shimmers are there in the shampoo for. Don’t believe me? Check the picture.
Sunsilk Natural Recharge Shampoo texture
The texture of the conditioner holds no surprises or shimmers. It is thick and creamy like any other conditioner and has the same green apple fragrance as the shampoo.
Sunsilk Natural Recharge Conditioner texture
And here are the ingredients. Yes, there is SLS and silicone BUT, there are no Parabens and they both are PH neutral. It also has ginseng root as advertised, but that’s right near the bottom of the ingredient list.
Sunsilk Natural Recharge shampoo ingredients
Sunsilk Natural Recharge Condtioner ingredients

My Experience

A pleasant shock! That’s what I would describe my experience with this range. The shampoo cleaned my hair thoroughly but didn’t leave it dry. The first time I used this shampoo, I didn’t follow up with the conditioner just to check how my hair behaved. And it did not dry out my hair or make it feel like grass! Yes, it was frizzier than it is with conditioner, but that’s it. The next time, I used it with the conditioner, and my hair was certainly shinier and tangle free.
After using it for two weeks, on dry as well as oiled hair, I can say that I am really glad I tried this out. The most important thing for me is that the shampoo did not tangle up my hair! Which means that there was a drastic reduction in my hairfall (due to breakage caused by having to pull at my entangled hair)….and that is something I am really grateful for.
As for it’s claims of nourishing the hair, I personally don’t think any shampoo can do that. I also don’t feel that it made my hair thicker or fuller. But yes, it did make them stronger and reduced breakage and also shinier.


The Sunsilk Natural Recharge Range is priced very economically.
Shampoo 80 ml – Rs. 64
Shampoo 180 ml – Rs. 132
Shampoo 340ml – Rs. 219
Conditioner 80 ml – Rs. 64
Conditioner 180ml – Rs. 132
I seriously like this shampoo and conditioner, and like how my hair has reacted to them,  despite having shunned this brand since almost 20 years. I am confused whether I should continue with this though they have SLS and silicones or should I go back to sulfate free? My hair, right now, is telling me to continue, but the snob in me…….

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  1. I’m really liking this one.

  2. I love Sunsilk products. I have been using them for the last 3 years! Have to try this one for sure.

  3. Pooja Mittal says: Reply

    If you say it reduces breakage, I am try it out
    Have a great week

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