Wet N Wild Tough Girl Eyeshadow Collection

Some of you must have seen a picture I posted recently on Facebook of a hamper full of Wet n Wild products. Well, that’s a giveaway that I won recently on Divya’s blog, missenchanted.com. I won products from Wet n Wild’s new Tough Girl Collection which included 5 nail polishes, 4 eyeshadow palettes and two lipsticks….

Wet n Wild Tough Girl Collection Eyeshadows, Nail Polishes and Lipsticks
The only products I have used from Wet n Wild were a couple of lipglosses a few years ago and I really love them. So, I am really eager to try out all these products, especially since these are limited edition and Wet n Wild is a cruelty-free brand. Here are the eyeshadow palettes that I won and their swatches..
Wet n Wild Tough Girl Collection Eyeshadows
Wet n Wild Tough Girl Eyeshadows
All these palettes also came with travel-sized tubes of mascara and as you all know, I rarely wear mascara. These would last me for aaagggggeeeesss….that’s if they didn’t dry up. At first swatch, all the eyeshadows seem very pigmented and smooth. Of course, the texture isn’t as silky as the Lancome ones but that would be quite an unfair comparison. The way these are priced, the quality and pigmentation is excellent! The shadows also have “instructions” engraved on them as to which ones are to be used on the lid / crease / brow bone but  I personally, wouldn’t wear bright eyeshadows all the way to the brow bone. But that is personal preference anyway.
Soldiers In Charms
Wet n Wild Tough Girl Eyeshadows Soldiers in Charms
Wet n Wild Tough Girl eyeshadows Soldiers In Charms swatches
A palette incorporating the colours of a soldier’s fatigues, my favourite colour in this is the dark, blackened-olive-green with golden shimmer. In fact, this colour is my fave across all the palettes. And it is super pigmented too! I’m not too fond of the lime green “brow bone” shade but as Divya suggested, I will try it with a wet brush as an eyeliner.
Enlisting For Beauty
Wet n Wild Tough Girl Eyeshadwos Enlisting For Beauty
Wet n Wild Enlisting for Beauty swatches
Beautiful, wearable, matte, neutral shades. Perfect for work wear.
I Don’t Do Camouflage
Wet n Wild Tough Girl Eyeshadows I Don't Do Camouflage
Wet n Wild Eyeshadows I Don't Do Camouflage swatches
Now, I am not a blue eyeshadow person. The only colour I liked and found wearable is the dark, navy one. And it has beautiful navy shimmers too. I might just try the cobalt blue as a liner but the icy, light blue…naaah, not for me.
Zero Dark Flirty
Wet n Wild Tough Girl Eyeshadows Zero Dark Flirty
Wet n Wild Eyeshadows Zero Dark Flirty swatches
While blue isn’t for me, purple certainly is and I love the eyelid and crease colours of this palette. The brow bone colour would be good for the inner corner of the eye or maybe I can try it as a liner on the lower lash line. Will try and experiment.
I am really looking forward to wearing these eyeshadows, especially the shimmery dark olive from Soldiers in Charms. Have you tried Wet n Wild eyeshadows?
A big thanks once again to Divya for this beautiful Wet n Wild hamper 🙂

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  1. Divya Yadav says: Reply

    Thanks Dollie… I so agree with you.. no doubt the color are lovely.. but the texture is a miss when compared to so many brands. But thankfully WnW is cruelty free and doesn’t burn pocket at all…:P. They have recently launched some lip glosses and after your experience I would love to try them out. 🙂

  2. Krithi Marla says: Reply

    wow thats really great products

  3. wow!!! i loved the cute palettes and the colors are beautiful!!

  4. rachna sharma says: Reply

    Enlisting one looks great to me! lovely haul!

  5. Thanks 🙂
    Yup, the purple is gorgeous…and perfect for the year of the “radiant orchid”.

  6. Cosmochics says: Reply

    Congos girl! love the eye shadows..yes the purple one!

  7. Thanks Sayantini. Don’t think they’re coming to India any time soon tho 🙁

  8. Lovely haul and congratulations on your win 🙂
    The eye-shadows are tempting me!! Waiting for them to launch it in India too 🙂

  9. Lol….lovely aren’t they?

  10. They have great products at great prices. Hope they come to India soon.

  11. Get Set Blush says: Reply

    I am sending in my address… please send the eye shadow to me 😀 🙂
    droolingg alreadyyy

  12. Samannita Modak says: Reply

    wow congrats …m dieing to try wet n wild …but sadly not available in India 🙁

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