Elizabeth Arden Mediterranean EDP Review: My Fragrance For Sultry, Sunny, Summer Days

“Aaj blue hai pani, pani, pani, pani, pani, pani,
Aur din bhi sunny, sunny, sunny, sunny, sunny, sunny”….
Winter has said a` bientot to Mumbai and summer is strongly making it’s presence felt and each time I hear Yo Yo Honey Singh’s Pani Pani song, I just feel like jumping into the cool waters of a pool. The increasingly hot weather also made me get out of the closet my favourite summer-time fragrance, Elizabeth Arden, Meditteranean. While I like trying out new fragrances, there are some classic ones that I simply love and that, over the years have come to be like my signature scents. While Burberry Weekend (click name for review) is one of my all-time favourites for day wear irrespective of the season, Elizabeth Arden Mediterranean is one of my faves for the summer.

Elizabeth Arden Mediterranean EDP Review

Elizabeth Arden Mediterranean EDP

Fragrance mood: Radiant. Sensual. Captivating
Mediterranean captures the ease of spirit and the pure natural beauty of Capri, Italy. Celebrating sunshine, clear blue skies and a warm ocean breeze, sensual florals combine with creamy woods to reflect the whispering waters and rich textures of the Mediterranean. 
Top notes: Sicilian mandarin, plum and peach.
Middle notes: Magnolia, orchid and wisteria.
Base notes: Sandalwood, amber and musk. 
Elizabeth Arden Mediterranean EDP
I find it quite difficult to describe a fragrance but if I had to make an attempt, I would say that Mediterranean has a fruity-musky fragrance that is also, somehow, unmistakably aquatic which makes it, for me, the perfect summer fragrance.
While it is distinctive, the fragrance isn’t very loud and in-your-face. It is quite refined and sophisticated and yet, very long lasting. This isn’t the kind of fragrance that announces your presence in the room even before you walk in but it gently cocoons you like your aura so when someone is sitting next to you or leans in to hug you, they can definitely smell it.
The first spritz of Mediterranean is quite fruity and aquatic. It is not a sweet, cloying fruity however, more like a musky-peachy-fruity. It conjures up images of lounging by the poolside with a sparkling Bellini in hand. The base notes, are warm and musky. Imagine a romantic, secluded candle-light dinner on the beach. I guess you can imagine why this is such a favourite with me for summer-time day and night wear.
Mediterranean EDP has a very simple and minimalist packaging. An azure blue ovoid bottle with a silver hammered cap, tres chic.
100ml of Mediterranean EDP is priced at Rs. 3900 but there are loads of online stores that sell it at great discounts. Fragrance is a very personal matter but if, like me, you dont like cloyingly sweet or powdery floral fragrances, do try this one out. I feel that it is a great summer time fragrance.
Check out the “Pani pani, sunny sunny” song here. Gawwwd….I want an awesome bikini bod like Evelyn Sharma….

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  1. Try it and let me know if its your kind of fragrance 🙂

  2. I don’t like all Arden fragrances but this one is just fab!

  3. My sons love that song too. They kept singing that in the pool on our weekend trip recently 🙂

  4. It is one of my faves 🙂

  5. Do check it out. Hope you like it too coz fragrance is a very personal thing.

  6. corallista says: Reply

    It sounds like something I would love! Will check this out next time I head over to the EA counter!

  7. Cosmochics says: Reply

    IT sounds amazing! n that song is so full of summers feeling! 🙂

  8. A Beauty Obsession says: Reply

    I love this fragrance! Perfect for summer 🙂 great review.

  9. I wanna give a try after ur review

  10. Naomi Ganzu says: Reply

    Oh elizabeth arden <3 Me likeyyy!

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