Love Long Hair Range : Update 2

What is wrong with Bombay weather? Terribly hot and sunny during the day, cool early mornings and night and so, so smoggy! It is no wonder then, that both in-laws and both boys are unwell 🙁 . And that is the reason for my irregular blogging these days.

The weather is also playing havoc with my already moody skin and I’m looking forward to receiving my parcel from to tackle that. Thankfully, the weather hasn’t affected my hair yet. And I think that is because of the mystery “Love Long Hair” shampoo and conditioner that I have been using since around 10 days.

With this range, my hair is definitely feeling much smoother and less frizzy, almost like it would if I were using a hair serum, which by the way I don’t use except on those rare occasions when I style my hair. 

had taken these along when I had gone for my weekend break and though I shampooed my hair everyday those three days (post swim to get the chlorine out of the hair), it didn’t feel harsh or drying on my hair. 
Almost 3/4th of the bottles are used up now and I’m really curious to know what this brand is and the ingredients in the shampoo and conditioner. I hope that the identity is revealed before I finish using up these “Blind Test” bottles so that I can buy them because, honestly, my hair really likes them. They have also, surprisingly, reduced my hair fall (the hair fall you get during shampooing due to breakage) and I’m so pleased with that.
Not knowing the brand, the ingredients, the price is now really getting to me. So please, PR people of this brand, let us know soon….

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  1. Even I am too curious to know which brand is this…:-)

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