Love Long Hair: The Big Brand Reveal!

You read about my first experiences with this mystery brand’s shampoo and conditioner in this post. After almost 10 days of usage, I really liked how my hair looked and felt (read post here) and I really wanted to know what the brand was. I was thinking of some new high-end brand entering the Indian market.

Anyway, the secret has now been revealed. The brand that had us all so curious, the shampoo and conditioner that my hair really liked is…………


Okay, I won’t lie. I was a bit disappointed when I first found out that the Love long hair range is actually Garnier Long and Strong. Call me snobbish, but I was actually expecting a high-end brand. Oh well, it is nice to have such good products from affordable drugstore brands. I am definitely buying this once the tester bottles run out coz I really like how my hair is with this. (Unless something else catches the attention of my fickle, product-loving mind ;). Isn’t that the weakness of all beauty bloggers?)

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  1. Good to know it worked for u Dollie

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