When Wendell Rodricks And Marie Claire Gave Me A MakeOver

The year: 2008
The magazine: Marie Claire India
The mission: Reader Makeover

Around April or May in 2008, Marie Claire had posted about the reader makeover on their Facebook page inviting readers to send in their pictures if they wanted to be a part of it. Out of all those entries, four were finally selected for a “makeover styled by Wendell Rodricks” and to be featured in Marie Claire. Yours truly was one of those four.
You’ve seen how I hoard books. Well, the same holds true for magazines too and this morning, when I was sorting through them (kept only the Lonely Planets and Conde Nast Travellers. The Vogues, Elles, Cosmos all given away to the raddiwala), I found this June 2008 issue of Marie Claire that I have carefully preserved.
I remember the day of the shoot, I was so adamant that I wouldn’t wear anything short/ with plunging necklines coz my in-laws and relatives would all be seeing it.. Wendell wanted me to wear something really sexy because he said I had the figure for it but I refused so he said I had a “Housewife fixation”…lol.
To be compared with Giselle Bundchen!!!!
As usual, I had kohled eyes and a light gloss when I went for the shoot. For my makeup, Wendell decided he wanted a look which would be the “total opposite of the Indian housewife”. Ergo, no kohl-rimmed eyes. All peaches and nudes. When I looked into the mirror, I felt I looked ill. Yup, I wasn’t very experimental with makeup then.
My wavy hair was put in huge heated rollers that gave it volume and definition and during the photo shoot, a huge fan was switched on for the wind-blown look.
He also made me remove my diamond jewellry and styled the look with just this beautiful long necklace and a cocktail ring.
I was so slimmmm!!! After the birth of second son, I haven’t really managed to get my weight down to what it used to be. Guess my metabolism has also slowed down with “age”…
What do you think of this look?

33 Replies to “When Wendell Rodricks And Marie Claire Gave Me A MakeOver”

  1. Shilpa Shetty says: Reply

    You are looking awesome,…

    1. Thank you 🙂

  2. love this!! you look fabulous and hot as always!!!

  3. Stunning… you look fab… show stopper

  4. It was a great experience. Wish I could get a chance like this again 🙂

  5. LOL…Wendell’s words. Guess he got really irritated with me :p

  6. wow you look stunning… you really had a good experience there i guess 🙂

  7. U looked great girl!

  8. WOW ! You look an absolute Stunner Dear 🙂
    Loved it ! <3

  9. Red Handed says: Reply

    You do not look ill…you loook fabulous!! You really really do!!!! Housewife fixatiion? hahahahahh You are gorgeous.

  10. Thanks a lot Smita 🙂

  11. Haha…thanks a lot Naomi 😀

  12. Thanks Saumya 🙂

  13. whoa…now this is what I call amazing stuff….u look very pretty Dollie….

  14. Meghamadhulika says: Reply

    nice pic Dollie..

  15. Saumya Rastogi says: Reply

    you look awesome Dollie 🙂 The look is very stylish

  16. Naomi Ganzu says: Reply

    Dollie!!!!! You loooookkkk Hottttt!!!!!!!
    OHMYGOD! You look seeeexxxyyyy!!!!!!!

  17. He directly saw it when the magazine came home and really liked it 🙂

  18. Thanks Jasmine 🙂

  19. Haha…the glow is probably the makeup :p

  20. Thanks Apoorva 🙂

  21. Thanks Bhumika 🙂 . The sexy stuff that he had was extremely cleavage revealing. Not what I’d want to be seen in in a magazine for sure :p

  22. awesome..dollie..u look so hot..wats ur husband reaction after this makeover??

  23. Jasmine Bhatia says: Reply

    you look lovely!!

  24. beautiful and glamorous! And I can see that Jlo glow as well :D.

  25. bhumika_t says: Reply

    Woah!! I dint know that..you look awesome..would have loved to see u in something sexy though 😉 But agree your inlaws and relatives would’nt 😀 Loved the look..and the hair too..

  26. manpreet@theglamorousdivaa says: Reply

    hot hot hot!!! 😀 I agree with bhumika 😛

  27. Revathy HnB says: Reply

    u look whoa!!!

  28. Get Set Blush says: Reply

    wow!!! you look totally stunning <3

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