FabBag July 2014 – Contents

I received the July FabBag on the 21st of July but I was too busy with planning and organising son’s birthday party (which is no small task). Now that the party’s done and sonny boy is excited about opening all his presents, it’s time to get the erratic blogging back on track. 
Coming back to the FabBag, the July one is the last of my 6month subscription. Am I going to renew? Umm, I think not as of now since I’ve got some wonderful, full-sized products from the Memebox (read review here and here, still have to show you the Milk box) and two more shall be arriving in August. So I shall give the FabBag a break for the time being and reconsider depending on the kind of products it has in  the coming months…
Contents of July 2014 Fabbag

The theme for the month of July is “Double Trouble”, product duos that give double the action. So here are the products I received in the July 2014 FabBag:


Votre Day Moisturising Gel SPF 35 in July 2014 Fabbag

Votre Day Moisturising Gel SPF 35 from Fabbag July 2014
Who remembers “Joker Glue”? You know, the glue paste that used to come in small red plastic tubs? The one that had a very weird smell? Well, this moisturising gel smells exactly the same. So, yes, while the “light weight, easily absorbed moisturising gel with SPF 35 and liquorice and bearberry extracts” sounds wonderful, I doubt I will try it out because it smells B-A-D.
BioBloom Hair oil + Cleanser in July 2014 Fabbag
Possibly the only products that I liked in the July Fabbag (though I haven’t tried out the cleanser yet). The oil smells nice and herby and is quite lightweight too. I quite liked it the one time that I used it. Let’s see how the cleanser, which is SLS and Paraben free by the way, fares. 
Deborah Milano Il Rosetto lipstick (809) and lipliner (12) in july 2014 fabbag
Deborah Milano Il Rosetto lipstick 809 in July 2014 fabbag
Deborah Milano is one of those brands that has, somehow, never tempted me despite seeing lots of rave reviews about it. And then, I saw this colour. Not something I would wear. Nope. But then, I swatched it, and this is how it looks….
Deborah Milano Il Rosetto Lipstick 809 swatch
What say? Think I can carry it off?

Vivel Cell Renew Body Lotion in july 2014 fabbag

Words fail me….
Anyway, so that’s what I got in the July 2014 FabBag. What did you get? Are you still subscribing to it? What did you think of the lipstick colour? Do let me know in the comments….

7 Replies to “FabBag July 2014 – Contents”

  1. the hair care products looks interesting

  2. The smell of glue is really irritating so i agree on the point that the product wont be used much/at all!
    I loved ur Memebox so much! :*

  3. FAB Bag no more seems alluring now…no customization and no HG brands to try. But for lipstick…i guess would look good on you. I liked the shade and tried the same kinda shade in other brand.

  4. Red Handed says: Reply

    I once subscribed to velvette. But not after it became FABBAG. I dont see much difference except in the investment made on pretty bags. 🙁

  5. Somehow I like this box. Not a 100% waste of money like the previous boxes.

    And try the lipstick. It might suit you and you might fall in love with it (Makeup has their own way of surprising us :D)


  6. Gowthami@beautyfrontline says: Reply

    I like the lip products and theme is good 🙂 x

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