SN-T Plant Stem Cell Goddess Cream – My HG Moisturiser

In May, I received my first and (till the postal department delivers my other boxes) only Memebox till date. That was the Memebox from Nature and it contained some really wonderful stuff, one of which was the Swanicoco Snail Gommage Peeling, a super gentle exfoliant. Another great product was the SN-T Plant Stem Cell Goddess Cream which I have been using since the 25th of May, morning as well as night. (SN stands for Science + Nature). Here’s my review….

SN-T Plant Stem Cell Cream from Memebox from Nature
SN-T Plant Stem Cell Cream from Memebox from Nature

“Wish it’s non-greasy formula and all-natural ingredients, SN’s T Goddess Cream revitalises the skin’s natural hydration and soothes problem areas including redness, dark spots and acne. Anti-inflammatory madecassic extract has been shown to effectively clear breakouts, improve skintone and help protect the skin from impurities. 

A protection cream formulated with the world’s first yew stem cell culture based ingredient that soothes stressed skin minimising skin irritations and also controls excess sebum, maintaining the balance between water and oil.”


Texture of SN-T Stem Cell Goddess Cream

The term “cream” in the name is quite a misnomer because this is not a cream but a light gel that gets easily absorbed into the skin. While it doesn’t give a matte look, it does make the skin appear fresh and dewy but not oily. You know those Asian ads for the water sleeping pack? That’s the kind of effect it has on the skin, as though it really hydrates your skin from within.


Since I started using this cream, I stopped using all other skincare products, including toner, serum and moisturiser and simply used this directly after cleansing. I love the way it moisturises my skin and hydrates without making it oily or greasy. It gives a dewy “glossy” look to my skin and makes appear fresh, bouncy and well-rested. The SN-T cream has a delightful citrusy fragrance which is really light and inoffensive.

The last week of May and the entire month of June, because of the delayed monsoon, the temperature and humidity levels in Bombay were sky high. This gel/cream performed beautifully in these weather conditions and kept my skin oil-free (but not matte) for around 3 hours after which the nose and forehead did get shiny. Best of all, it actually did prevent breakouts (except for one around that time of the month, but that’s normal).

Fading of old acne marks is something that takes ages but this cream also seems to be fading the acne marks faster. Not the sun spots though, just acne marks.


SN-T Plant Stem Cell cream ingredients
SN-T Plant Stem Cell cream information

I don’t know if you can read all the ingredients in the picture. Anyway, the main USP of this cream is that it contains ingredients from the stem cells of the Yew tree. I don’t know how effective PLANT stem cells can be in curbing aging in HUMANS because there’s too much contradictory information out there. Some experts say that this is rubbish and just a marketing gimmick while others say that plants help in effective skincare so of course their stem cells will too. I am honestly too confused about this at the moment to form any opinion.

Stem cells aside, the other great thing about the formulation of this cream is that there’s NO:
Mineral Oil
Artificial Scents
Artificial Colouring
TEA (Triethanolamine)

Isn’t that fantastic?

This brilliant cream which combines Science + Nature is priced at $19 (approx. Rs. 1150) for 50ml, it is available on the Memebox website ( As you can see from the first picture, after using it for almost 8 weeks, I still have enough left for another week’s usage! Definitely value for money.

Long story short, my skin and I both LOVE this cream. It was wonderful during the summer, it is wonderful now during the monsoon. Perhaps in winter I might need a bit more hydration but till then, this is my HG moisturiser….

…..till something better comes up. We beauty bloggers are quite a fickle bunch. ROFL.

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  1. Absolutely. Just got two more boxes today. Shall post soon 🙂

  2. It’s wonderful Preethi 🙂

  3. You can order it from the memebox website. I think this is by far the best moisturiser I’ve used so far.

  4. My skin loves it too Charu 🙂

  5. It is truly wonderful. I really love what it’s doing to my skin.

  6. what a great detailed review dollie..fell in love with this…:)

  7. oh…interesting stuff…I always always love gels than moisturisers or creams….n the pricing!!! its so amazing for 50ml…ill see how I can get my hands on it…I was so on a lookout fr a good moisturiser…

  8. manpreet@theglamorousdivaa says: Reply

    Wow.. this sounds too good! 😀 meme boxes are drool worthy!

  9. Awww you made me fall in love with this!!

    Happy thursday!

  10. Meghamadhulika says: Reply

    thats gr8 i shud also seriously think about it

  11. Get it and try it…I love it!!! And no matte face either, nice dewy glow 🙂

  12. MyBeautyJunction says: Reply

    ARGH I have to run after my Mum and get mine back lol.

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