What Femina’s #MyBodyMyRules Means To Me

Last week, Femina launched their new tagline “Be Unstoppable” with a fabulous new cover featuring Huma Qureshi. Seeking to break stereotypes and encouraging women to “Be Unstoppable”, Femina also came up with the campaign “My Body, My Rules”..

Femina Be Unstoppable Huma Qureshi
Femina Be Unstoppable Achievers
I really liked the cover and the fact that they featured other women achievers, some of whom are differently abled. Yes, there are those who say that the cover isn’t totally original and has been inspired by a photoshoot done by model-actress Denise Bidot, but I’d rather not get into that. What I’d like to discuss with you is, what does #MyBodyMyRules mean to you…

Femina Be Unstoppable Humma Quershi
At the launch event, when the forum was open for media interaction, a girl asked Huma Quureshi, “My family and friends all feel I am fat and need to lose weight, but I think I’m perfect. What do you have to say to that?”
Diandra Soares answered the girl by saying that just the fact that she needed to look to someone else for validation meant that she felt insecure about herself.  If she felt that she was perfect, she should just carry on doing what she felt was right for her. “My Body My Rules.”
Personally, I’m not sure I agreed totally with Diandra. Yes, it is your body and you don’t need validation/approval from others. If you are happy with your body, that’s great. However, “My Body My Rules” doesn’t give you an excuse to say “Hey, I’m happy with my body. I don’t care if I’m overweight. I will eat what I want and not care about anything because it’s my body, my rules.”
No. That’s not how I perceive it. I absolutely agree that a girl should feel comfortable with her own body, curves, stretchmarks et al. But how about ensuring that the body is comfortable too? That it gets adequate calcium, vitamins and minerals from healthy food so that it can carry on doing it’s job, of keeping you alive, comfortably? That it gets adequate exercise and rest? How about respecting your body enough to not drown it in high cholesterol foods, alcohol and cigarette smoke? Stating that you feel you’re perfect doesn’t give you an open ticket to binge on unhealthy stuff and lead an unhealthy life, does it?
Yes, it is your body and you have the right to make your own rules. But surely, the first rule should be  “I shall respect, love and nurture my body.”
That is my opinion. What I feel “My Body My Rules” means. What do you feel? What does that statement mean to you?

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  1. Most people find excuse behind the statement – my body my rules. To me all that matter is being fit and healthy. Once you follow that… you eventually reduce and are in a proper shape as proportionate to your body.

  2. Totally agree with you….

  3. I agree hitting the gym for being fit and not for looking good should be the motto

    BTW the cover itself is hypocrytical… HUma quereshis arms and face has been ruthlessly photoshopped! She definitely is more heavier than shown on the cover

    read my take on the cover http://zoooni.blogspot.in/2014/07/huma-quereshi-on-feminas-july-cover.html

  4. I second your thought too! My body my rules to me means that I will take care and stay fit but by eating healthy and not really torturing myself! There should be no excuse for an unfit body…yes I love my body and like pampering it too 🙂

  5. Absolutely! It’s important to be healthy, no matter what the size.

  6. The pic wasn’t photoshopped Sangita. However, this concept has been “inspired” by that other photo shoot so it isn’t exactly an original idea..

  7. Agree with you totally ! Being fat is not an issue, but being fit is important..

  8. as much as i loved the whole point, i am kinda surprised to hear that the pic was photoshopped. There are so many other bloggers not happy with the same point, what do you think??

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