Creamy And Hydrating, The Nature’s Co. Coconut Creme Body Wash Is A Pleasant Surprise

While I love the taste of fresh coconuts, I don’t like the taste of coconut milk (so I’m not too fond of Khao Suey and Thai Green Curry) and neither do I like coconut fragranced bath/body/skincare products. So, when I received the sample of The Nature’s Co. Coconut Creme Body Wash, I simply tossed it into one corner and forgot all about it. For some strange reason, I decided to try it one hot,  sweaty summer evening and I was in for a surprise….

The Nature's Co. Coconut Creme Body Wash
“Give your body a rich and luscious bath treat with our Coconut Creme Body Wash. It’s moisturising properties works wonders on dry and flaky skin making it smooth and silky along with it’s antiseptic and skin lightening properties giving you clean and healthy skin. The creamy body wash lathers up in the bath or shower.”

The Coconut Creme Body Wash smells like Bounty, the chocolate with the coconut filling, that, despite being a chocoholic, I hate. What surprised me, however, is that the fragrance somehow grew on me and I actually started enjoying bathing with it. Oh well, stranger things have happened….But though I like it, I’m also glad that it isn’t too strong to annoy hubby’s olfactory cells.
I used this shower gel for my evening shower in May when it was terribly hot and humid in Bombay and I couldn’t bear the thought of applying a body lotion. At the same time, I have dry skin (not facial skin, body skin) and the AC in my room dries it out further. This creamy body wash lathers really well and rinses off without leaving the skin feeling dry. It actually did what it claimed to do and left my skin feeling soft, smooth and hydrated. Super Like! The fact that it is Vegan and Cruelty-free is icing on the cake.
The Nature's Co Coconut Creme Body Wash.
The full sized, 250ml tube of this Body Wash is priced at Rs. 875 but there is a sale going on right now. The website shows the flashing EOSS (End of Season Sale) tab but no discount is reflected in the prices. Oh well, I’ll buy it from the store but I’m buying it for sure.
Have you tried this Coconut Creme Body Wash from the Nature’s Co?

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  1. lol… you are just like me!! I often dislike the smell too but your review is tempting me to give it a shot!! Maybe i will soon 😀

  2. Pooja Mittal says: Reply

    natures Co. products are really good, i am definately getting it as i love bounty and always like to try new shower gels

    last day to enter divissima 50 euro giveaway

    happy weekend,

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