Yves Rocher So Elixir Purple EDP And Shower Gel Smell Like The Valley Of Flowers In The Rains….

There are summer fragrances, – light, airy, aquatic- and there are winter fragrances – warm, deep, musky. But here’s a fragrance that I couldn’t initially describe but that somehow, smelt like “monsoon” to me. I’m talking about So Elixir Purple from the botanical French beauty and skincare brand, Yves Rocher…. “Reveal your seductive power with […]

Creamy And Hydrating, The Nature’s Co. Coconut Creme Body Wash Is A Pleasant Surprise

While I love the taste of fresh coconuts, I don’t like the taste of coconut milk (so I’m not too fond of Khao Suey and Thai Green Curry) and neither do I like coconut fragranced bath/body/skincare products. So, when I received the sample of The Nature’s Co. Coconut Creme Body Wash, I simply tossed it […]

“I Love” Shower Gels – Different Icecream Flavours Each Day.

“Mama, I want Strawberry today” – says A (younger son). “Give me the mango one today. When will the raspberry come?” – that’s J (elder son). Nope, these aren’t  flavours of ice cream they are asking for, no fruit yoghurt. These are their bath time demands for the “I Love…” shower gels!!!       […]