Gia Bath And Body Works Body Washes Daisy, Oceanus and Peaches and Cream.

How often has it happened that you buy a product, you love it so you get your kids and hubby to try it out, they love it too so you give some to your in-laws who also love it!!! Not very often, right? There are bound to be people who don’t like what you like. But in the case of the Gia Bath and Body Works Body Washes,  my entire family loves them! Why do we like them so much? Read on to know…


Gia Bath and Body Works Body Washes Daisy,  Oceanus and Peaches and Cream.

So, why do we like them so much? Firstly, these body washes smell ah-maaazing! And your entire bathroom and bedroom is filled with the lovely aroma once you’re done with your bath. Of course,  the fragrance doesn’t linger too long on the body but if, like me, you layer it with the whipped body butter of the same kind, it lasts quite long. Obviously,  you can’t compare it to the way a perfume lasts because these are body products but if someone gives you a hug or you step into a car, then you will surely get a “You smell so good. What have you used?”
Gia Bath and Body Works

“Daisy” is inspired by Marc Jacobs’ bestselling fragrance by the same name. And I have to say, it smells divine! I had used the Whipped Body Butter Soap earlier and I simply LOVED it. I asked Gayatri, the lady behind the brand, if she could make me a body wash with the same fragrance since and she made it.

This body wash is thick and creamy, lathers beautifully and doesn’t leave your skin feeling dry. The skin on my body is incredibly dry and yet, after using the Gia body washes, in can skip using a lotion / butter on most days. Once the days start getting drier and cooler though, (oh winter, please come soon), I will need heavy duty hydration for my body.


“Oceanus” is a lovely masculine fragrance. I had asked Gayatri if she had something for men and she recommended Oceanus because it is inspired by Bvlgari Aqua. Well, hubby says it smells almost identical to his current favorite fragrance, Davidoff Cool Water Summer Seas (a limited edition fragrance). Needless to say, he and both my boys love it. As does my father in law.

Oceanus isn’t creamy like Daisy or Peaches and Cream; it is a thick gel and this too, lathers very well and doesn’t dry the skin. What I also love about the Gia Bath and Body Works body washes is that you really need a very little quantity for the whole body.


What surprised me the most was that “Peaches and Cream” turned out to be hubby and younger son’s favourite! They both like the fruit-smoothie-like fragrance of this body wash even more than the fresh, aquatic – citrusy one if Oceanus. And it does smell yummy indeed. Again this one is thick and creamy like Daisy.

While the fragrance of these body washes is superlative, what impressed me when more is the ingredient list. Take a look……

No sulphates, no parabens, no mineral oil. Obviously no animal testing either. And some really nice, skin-loving ingredients; glycerine, honey, all those oils, silk protein….

I did Google Optiphen and this is what it is ; “Optiphen is a complete preservative system and is paraben free and formaldehyde free. It is effective against both Gram-positve and Gram-negative bacteria, mold, and yeast. Optiphen® ND is a mild globally-approved preservative consisting of a liquid blend of phenoxyethanol, benzoic acid, and dehydroacetic acid.” And as for KOH, it is simply potash. So though these body washes do have phenoxyethanol, it is in the form of a really mild preservative. In fact, it is the preferred choice of preservative for brands that wish to avoid parabens.

Priced at ₹300 for 200ml, these are far more affordable than body washes and shower gels from other multinational brands. And with better ingredients too! Seriously, there is nothing I dislike about the Gia Bath and Body Works Body Washes and I highly, highly recommend them. Try them out and I’m sure you’ll agree with me. You can check out the complete range on the website here.

And Gayatri, I’ll say it again…you would have been professor Snape’s favourite student because you create magic with these fragrant potions…..

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