Memebox Special #24 Brightening Skincare

There is a difference between “whitening” and “brightening” and while I really don’t want products that will make my facial skin “white” when the rest of my body’s skin tone stays the same, (almost 4-5 shades darker if you go according to those ridiculous ads), I definitely do want a “brighter”, more even and more luminous/radiant skin tone. Also, all my acne breakouts in the recent past have left marks and scars and those are on my “hit-list” which is why, when Memebox came out with a brightening box, I immediately bought it (along with the Hair and Body 3, as a value set).

Since I bought the value set, I was upgraded to Express shipping and the boxes were dispatched on the 14th of August and I received them today, on the 18th of August, when I got back from my little break at the Radisson Resort, Alibaug (where my laptop crash for some inexplicable reason and will have to be sent to the service centre).  Super fast, wouldn’t you say? Thankfully, the customs department didn’t play spoilsport this time around. Thank you Mumbai Customs 🙂
Anyway, I know you’re curious to know what I got in my Brightening Skincare box. So, here goes…

Here are the contents of my Special #24, Brightening Skincare box:
* Ispren Magic Eye Solution Wise Patch 4.7g (Full size – $3) 
* Finco Solution Spot 25ml (Full size – $42) 
* Cleosis All In One Water Shining Finisher 45ml (Full size – $39) 
* Yufit Eon Wheat Germ 97 Essence 50ml (Full size – $36)
* Dermahouse Perfect Whitening Moisture Mask 120ml (Full size – $29) 
This is a product that probably all mothers are in dire need of (except perhaps celeb moms with an army of staff to look after the kids). This “hydro-gel type eye patch works to sooth and lock in all th moisture and nutrition onto your eye contours, hydrating and brightening up the ‘panda-eyes’ for a much needed healthy-looking, even toned complexion. Memebox should have sent at least five of these since they seem to be one time use patches and one certainly won’t make a difference to the coal mines that are my dark circles.  As Amjad Khan said in that 80s ad, “Ek se mera kya hoga”….
A spot targeting gel for spots and emergency breakouts from a brand that has won the “Premium Brand Award” in Korea. Sounds amazing doesn’t it? It can also be used as an acne treatment under makeup since it is translucent. I do happen to have a fresh new breakout (after quite a long time too, touchwood), so I can try this out ASAP. 


The names of some of the products in the Memebox really confuse you. I mean, what are you supposed to make of a “Water Shining Finisher”? Well, this is actually a toner, essence/serum, moisturising cream and primer all in one. And it apparently hydrates the skin to give it an extra glow! Enriched with glactomyces ferments, rice bran ferments, pumpkin ferments and other ingredients, this product is supposed to simplify your skincare routine. Can’t wait to try it out.
When Renu had got the Eon Wheat Germ cream in her Memebox Global #13, I had predicted that I would probably see it I my brightening box. And I wasn’t totally wrong,was I? The Brightening box doesn’t have the Eon Wheat Germ Cream, but it has the Essence, which is just another word for serum. This is whitening (I’ll take it to mean brightening), anti-wrinkle and moisturising! It is supposed to balance out uneven skin tone and texture with continuous application. Yet another product I look forward to using. 
You all know by now that I prefer cream masks to sheet masks and I was thrilled to see this mask in the box. I had thought that the Brightening box would definitely have one Brightening cleanser, one moisturiser and one mask. Though I was wrong about the cleanser, I was right about the moisturiser and mask. This one claims to deeply nourish and brighten up dull ski tone while you have your beauty sleep! Oh wow! One of he famous sleeping masks! Also, the niacinmide (a water soluble vitamin of the vitamin B group), helps treat uneven, red, coarse skin tone for a clearer, brighter complexion the next morning. 
So, to sum it up… Five products, of which four are full size and one is full size but single use. Fabulous I’d say. The Brightening + Hair and Body 3 Value set cost me $52.99 (approximately ₹3300) which works out to around ₹1650 per full-sized-products-filled box! Terrific value for money. And the products that Memebox sends out, as far as I have tried,  are really good. 
Have you also ordered the Memebox Special #24 Brightening Skincare? Which is your favourite product in this box? 

6 Replies to “Memebox Special #24 Brightening Skincare”

  1. They’re all wonderful 🙂

  2. You should really get at least one box. I’m lusting after the Cafe box and the Earth and Sea but haven’t ordered those yet coz i really have loads of stuff to use up first :p

    But seriously, get one box… You won’t regret.

  3. I think the less I say about my under eye area, the better. Dark circles and dehydration. Let’s hope the eye patches can do something, if not work miracles.

  4. very interesting looking products.

  5. Get Set Blush says: Reply

    Hey Dollie.. YUFIT EON WHEAT GERM 97 ESSENCE looks soo promising.. you,renu you guys are tempting me so much to own one of these boxes..
    I will be talking to you more on how to order and how to choose..
    Enjoy the stuff and awaiting the reviews 🙂

  6. MyBeautyJunction says: Reply

    I’ve got a Finco sunblock in my Summer Care box and it is really nice! I hope the acne thing from the brand works as well. But the Ispren patches had come in a previous Glamabox (or Wishbox – I lost count of beauty boxes mid-last year lol) and I did not find any visible changes. Maybe because I was getting decent sleep and lacked dark circles or dry eyes back then!

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