Brunch + Shopping And A Khoobsurat Moment

Those of you who follow me on Instagram must have seen this picture I posted yesterday. We were off for brunch with friends which lasted till late afternoon. I had kept my look really simple and hadn’t even styled or blow dried my hair. And yet, it looked so smooth and felt so soft. The best part was when the way it shone in the sunlight, I just had to click a selfie…
Khoobsurat moment Indian Shringar

It was a super fun brunch and a couple of my friends complimented me saying I was looking really nice that day. Whether it was the dress I was wearing, or whether it was the colour of the lipstick or the hair, I don’t know, but they said I looked younger.

But the best compliment of the day was yet to come, when we girls went for an impromptu shopping trip after lunch…….

Khoobsurat Moment Indian Shringar
SA: M’am, would you like to pay by cash or card?
Me: Card….Actually no. If my husband sees any more beauty related purchases on the card, he’ll freak. I’ll pay by cash.
SA (surprised): Oh, you’re married M’am?
My Friend (laughing): She has two kids!
SA: You know, you don’t even look married.
Me (super thrilled with a big grin): I’m sure you’re joking, but you just made my day.
Ok, I have been told that I look younger than I am, but this certainly took the cake! And made me, a mom of two kids, super happy too. I guess I must share some of the credit with L’Oreal Paris Casting Creme Gloss which helps me in looking young by hiding my grey hair. Because if those were on display, that SA would certainly not have given me such a compliment. Definitely a Khoobsurat Moment for me 🙂
Besides just colouring the hair, the ammonia-free formula of Casting Creme Gloss also keeps the hair soft, smooth and free from damage. And you saw how glossy and shiny it looks in the sun. I have been using this hair colour since the time it was launched and I really like everything about it.
Sometimes, I feel I should try out the other colours in the Casting Creme Gloss range, like the Chocolate collection colours, but then I feel they would be too dark on my naturally dark hair. What do you think? Should I safely stick to Medium Brown that I’ve been using all this while or should I experiment a bit? What colour do you think would look good on me?
To check out the entire Casting Creme Gloss Collection, check out their website here:
To see some wonderful hair looks, check out the Get The Look website:
Disclaimer: This post is written as part of the “Say Yes To Colour Campaign” sponsored by L’Oreal Paris.

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  1. Lol. Thanks Preethi, but I seriously think that sales girl needs to get her eyes checked 😛

  2. Preethi Prasadi says: Reply

    Yaa as i always say u r a santoor mom

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