My First Purchase From Inglot

Till recently, Inglot didn’t have a single store in South Bombay. Whenever I would visit a mall in the suburbs (which is a once-in-6-months kind of occasion), I looked forward to visiting the Inglot store and buying some of those beautiful eyeshadows and lipsticks and polishes. The beautiful colour-blocked display at the Inglot stores always made me feel like a kid in a candy store and left me feeling overwhelmed and confused. Shocking, isn’t it?
A couple of days ago, I was at the Palladium mall, the temple of consumerism where I regularly worship, and I saw Inglot. So, in I went, had a nice, leisurely browse, got confused again and yet this time, I bought something…
Inglot haul: nail polishes and lip paint
The things you can do with photography apps! Doesn’t this look like a pretty painting?

I know “haul” isn’t the right word for a purchase of just three products but hey, it looked nice in the picture as opposed to “purchase”.

Anyway, this time too, I had a tough time at the store. I wanted almost everything! But then I realised that I didn’t really want more corals, pinks and reds. Coffee colours and autumnal colours were what I wanted and so I finally settled on these three products. (I have my eyes on many more. I might just go and get them next week).
Inglot haul
Here’s what I got:
* O2M Breathable Nail Enamel in 690.
* Nail Enamel in 367
* AMC Lip Paint in 65.
I must have taken almost a hundred pictures of these three products to get the accurate colour but the kabhi-cloudy-kabhi-rainy weather has been playing spoilsport. I’ll do individual reviews as soon as I manage to get decent pictures. I really want to wear the lip “paint” but don’t want to spoil it till I get the pictures. It is so frustrating and irritating.
The lip paint is something I’m really eager to show you because it is an almost exact dupe of a lipstick I’ve been lusting after but which has been out of stock. Shan’t say any more right now…wait for the post 😉 I’m really eager to wear it though, but don’t want to spoil it till I get the pictures. It is so frustrating and irritating.
Inglot’s introduced cream fragrances. A couple of them were really nice. Those and some eyeshadows and eye pencils are next on my list.
What are your favourite products from Inglot?

6 Replies to “My First Purchase From Inglot”

  1. I heard lots abt never tried..the lip paint looks amazing

  2. Even I do not use any products unless I have clicked them for blog. But, it gets really irritating when the weather and lighting does not favor 🙁

  3. really like nail color

    not using brfore clicking , hehehe , i think thats the life of beauty blogger 🙂 i do that too

    Keep in touch

  4. They have some amazing products ! I loved the lip color you got ^_^
    My favorite product from Inglot is a coral lip pencil & also teal eye liner <3

  5. cool purchase… their freedom system eyeshadows are my fav… they are very good for the price 🙂

  6. Lip paint looks amazing..
    Whats the price??

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