Memebox Superbox #84 Skinfood – Unboxing and Contents

I really love the Memeboxes and thanks to them, I have not only discovered some wonderful Korean products, but they have also helped me in getting my skin in great shape. I eagerly wait for the arrival of each box but because of standard shipping, I end up knowing the contents before the box reaches me. Which isn’t usually such a bad thing. But in the case of this box, knowing the contents actually made me want to cancel the box, which obviously, I couldn’t since it had already shipped. Read on to know why Memebox Superbox #84 Skinfood turned out to be the most meh box for me….
Memebox Superbox #84 Skinfood
As you can see from this picture (and the others that will come below), I wasn’t even enthused enough to take pretty pictures of this box and it’s products like I usually do with the other boxes! I had to force myself to take these insipid photos because the products just didn’t excite me. Anyway, here are the products:

Includes all full sized products-

* Skinfood Facial Water Vita-C Cream – 75g ($13)
* Skinfood Black Sugar Mask Wash Off – 100g ($9)
* Skinfood Egg White Pore Meringue Foam – 200ml ($13)
* Skinfood Tomato Whitening Toner – 180ml ($17)
* Skinfood Choco Eyebrow Powder Cake – 4g ($5)
Yes, only 5 products as against the 6 which have become the minimal norm for almost all Memeboxes now. That fact alone, caused much disappointment.
This box cost $23 + shipping which came to a total of $30 and contains products totalling $57 which makes it one of the lowest valued boxes! Seems to me like they filled it with some of the lowest priced products that they could find. Let’s take a look at each product…


Skinfood Facial Water Vita-C Cream in Memebox Superbox #84 Skinfood
Meant for dehydrated, dull skin, this cream combines a blend of vitamin C complex, “Alaska glacial water” and extracts from raspberry, acai berry, cranberry and strawberry. It is recommended to be refrigerated for better moisturising and soothing results! With most places in the Northern Hemisphere (with the exception of the tropical cities like the one I live in) gearing up for the arrival of winter, it seems a bit thoughtless to have included a cream that needs refrigeration! They could have given us a rich cream to combat winter dryness instead.


This is probably the only product that I liked in the box despite the fact that I’ve just got a similar sugar scrub from Klairs recently along with the cleansing oil. Be prepared for another Face Off with these two scrubs soon 😉


Skinfood Egg White Pore Meringue Foam in Memebox Superbox #84 Skinfood
I’m a vegetarian and while I am aware that there might be ingredients that can’t be classified as vegetarian in the skincare and makeup I use, they are usually masked behind obscure chemical names. There’s no way I can use a product that clearly states it has egg whites among it’s ingredients. I’m putting up this sealed product up for swap/sale.


Skinfood Tomato Whitening Toner in Memebox Superfood #84 Skinfood
This toner has 10% tomato extracts as well as Vitamin C to make skin brighter, clearer and more supple. However, toners and I have a relationship that can be best described as “it’s complicated”. It is a turbulent relationship with calm skin at times and angry, sore, skin with breakouts at times (read my post on my toner conundrum here). I already have toners waiting to be used once my skin feels ready for them again so the chances of this one being opened are really slim. Off this goes for sale/swap.


Skinfood Choco Eyebrow Powder Cake in Memebox #84 Skinfood
Doesn’t this seem like a misfit in this box which has all skincare products? Almost like the folks at Memebox just tossed it in without giving it much thought because it costs just $5. They could have given us a nail essence or an eye and lip tint or eyeline “jam” or some such unique, innovative product from Skinfood rather than Eyebrow powder.
OK, most people are happy to receive the eyebrow powder but if you read my blog, you’ll know that I don’t do anything to my eyebrows. I don’t tweeze them, thread them, fill them…nothing. I just let them be. So this product isn’t of any use to me so …swap/sale again.


With just 5 products instead of the usual 6, this box started off on the wrong foot for me. To add to my misery, out of these five, only two are of use to me. Though that isn’t Memebox’s fault, and certainly, there are people who have loved it, I definitely put this Skinfood box as the worst box (for me). Having visited the Skinfood store in Thailand, I know what fabulous products they have, the Argan Oil, Black Raspberry, Black Pomegranate, Cherry, Coffee, Fresh Apple, Kiwi are just some of the wonderful lines they have. I was hoping that some of these would make an appearance in this box but, as you saw, that was not to be.
This box is, obviously, sold out. November has been a really slow month in the Memeverse with hardly any new boxes making an appearance. There is a new collaboration box slated for release this week and some of the older boxes are still available. The Memeshop also has some wonderful Korean products that are found in the Memeboxes.
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  1. Tarannum Manjul says: Reply

    Seriously…. after reading such good reviews abt earlier Meme boxes, this one turns out to be complete MEH! good review Dollie…

  2. Paige McKinnon says: Reply

    Ohh I am very sorry to hear that you did not like this box! ^ – ^
    It does seem like an odd assortment of Skinfood’s products! ^ w ^

  3. I think they might have thought anyway people gonna buy it,so no point in giving them customized goods.. Bleh Box :/

  4. That choco powder..for euebrows looks interesting….

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