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Each holiday I go for, I get weighed down by my handbag which contains not only all my essential stuff, but also both the iPads, the PSP, the camera, hubby’s and my sunglasses etc. Though both the boys have their own little bags in which they keep their books, wipes, mini cars etc, I wouldn’t give them the responsibility of the iPads. As a result, my handbag weighs a ton and makes my cervical spondilosys worse. I’ve been hunting for a chic backpack since quite a while but the ones I saw were either too masculine or then too girly with floral prints etc. There was absolutely nothing that was subtle and chic yet feminine.
Till I stumbled upon Toteteca Bag Works, a handbag lover’s dream site which has loads of designs in handbags and clutches, each of which can be customised in terms of colours and trimmings and personalised with your initials!!! One of the designs there was the Razer Backpack which was just what I was looking for……
About Toteteca:
Toteteca is a combination of two words, tote and teca. Tote is a type of handbag and teca literally means library in Latin. 
Our goal is to create a ” bag library ” of sorts where people can select bags in any color and combination to create a bag that is truly unique.
We do not use real leather of any kind. High quality “faux leather” mimics the look, feel and durability of real leather without harming any animals. We don’t use Rexene or other poor synthetics that chip or peel. We feel it is our duty to encourage positive alternatives that sidestep animal cruelty. We also try to maintain the smallest possible carbon footprint. We source all our high quality materials locally. Maintaining a low waste, centralized manufacturing method is very important for a company looking to the future.

Toteteca customised bags Indian Shringar
Toteteca customised bag Indian Shringar
While the measurements are given on the website, it is difficult to actually picture the size of the bag and I was pleasantly surprised to see that this backpack is quite big and spacious, perfect for travelling, just like I wanted. The quality of the material used is really nice and the finish and workmanship is impeccable.
The interface of the website is very user-friendly and customising your handbag is a piece of cake. Thankfully, the site doesn’t require Flash and so you can customise and order your bag even from your smart phone while getting bored in the traffic!
Toteteca customised backpack Indian Shringar
There are several colours available for the sides and straps as well as the body of the bag. From bold neons to bright primary colours, you can make your handbag as funky as you like. You can also choose the hardware details, whether you want them to be gold or silver toned. Initially, I thought of going with tan and navy but then chose white with navy.
The best part, the personalisation! You can choose to have your initials in metal on a removable tag or stitched inside the bag or an embroidered tag with your name/initials, again on a tag or stitched inside.
I chose to go for the embroidered tag but was a bit disappointed with it when it finally came. I had expected the name to be embroidered in a contrast colour, perhaps white or silver, but it came embroidered in navy blue on a navy blue background so it just blends in.
Toteteca customised backpack Indian Shringar
Toteteca customised backpack Indian Shringar
The Razer Backpack has two compartments inside as well as a zippered compartment along with the mandatory side zip and mobile flap. Like I said, it is quite spacious and ideal as carry-on for the flight.
Toteteca customised bag Indian Shringar
Toteteca mentions that it takes them between 7-10 days for the bags to be made and delivered. I placed the order for this backpack on the night of 30th October and the bag was delivered in the afternoon of 11th November. Right on schedule and very impressive!
They have such a huge variety of styles in the handbags that a girl is bound to get confused  to which one she wants. For me, the task was simpler since I was very clear that I wanted a handbag. But now, after seeing the quality of the bag, I want to buy more, a couple of handbags and a clutch and I simply can’t decide between all the styles. But I’ll definitely opt for metal initials for the next bag.
The pricing is also very affordable for the quality and the level of personalisation offered. All the bags are priced below ₹3,000 and Toteteca also offers free shipping! Not just in India, the free shipping is even for international orders! This Razer Backpack is priced at ₹2,300! Quite a  steal I’d say.
Toteteca customised bag Indian Shringar
What do you think of customised and personalised handbags? I love customised stuff and I’m really happy that I found this site. Check it out while I play around more with the colour combinations and order more of these beautiful, affordable bags :)Oh, did you like my backpack? Let me know in the comments…..

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