Lakme Absolute Salon Hangover Haul Rituals

I didn’t even realise when the Christmas and New Year holidays got over, schools started and life went back to the hectic rush-rush routine. My hair was feeling the stress of all the ironing I had done and it became worse as I got sleep deprived and skipped oiling my hair. And the less said about my feet, the better. When I got to know that Lakme had introduced special “Hangover Haul” – detoxifying rituals for partied out hair, feet and skin – I immediately booked myself an appointment for some much needed pampering.
No Stress Tress Hair Ritual at the Lakme Absolute Salon
Nourishing oils being applied on my scalp and hair for the No Stress Tress
“Did you party excessively this festive season? While you may be feeling the effects of it in your head and your stomach, your skin and hair is probably suffering a hangover too. To nurse your tired skin and dull hair back to life, Lakme Absolute Salon offers a range of beauty fixes. Because you can’t start 2015 looking a year older already!”…….
Well, I shall be a year older anyway, which is another reason why I needed the pampering. While my skin didn’t need any detoxifying, my hair and feet definitely needed some TLC (tender loving care). And my hands as well.
The No Stress Tress ritual started with the therapist analysing my scalp and hair. Meena, the therapist, said I had dry hair but a normal scalp and so selected oils accordingly. This is a bespoke ritual and the oils and products are  chosen according to the person’s scalp and hair requirements. The oils she used for me smelt SOOOOOO GOOD!!! I must have told Meena that I loved the fragrance of the oils at least 8-10 times while she was applying them all over my scalp and lengths of my hair. She followed it with a wonderful head, neck and shoulder massage which left me feeling truly relaxed. This was followed by 15 minutes of steam to help the oils work their magic…
Hangover Haul No Stress Tress at the Lakme Absolute Salon
I then went for my mani and pedi with the oil still continuing to nourish my hair.  I obviously couldn’t take pictures then since I was getting a manicure too.
The Treat Your Feet ritual is a pedicure combined with a scrub and a soothing and relaxing reflexology massage.  I can’t tell you how good the massage feels especially if you wear heels or are on your toes all the time like I am. The cream used for the foot massage apparently has vanilla and cocoa benefits and I wanted to smell it, but of course, couldn’t. Once my polish was applied, off I went for my shampoo.
After shampooing the oils off, a hair mask was applied and left on for 5 minutes after which it was rinsed off and my hair blow-dried. And voila…
Hangover haul hair and feet rituals at the Lakme Absolute Salon.
I don’t know what it is about me and beautifully applied polish that I manage to get it chipped withing minutes of leaving the salon ! Sob, sob.
The Hangover Haul rituals truly leave you feeling rejuvenated. They also have a Clean Sheen clean up that will unclog you pores of all the makeup residue and leave you looking radiant. So if you’re a facial/clean up sort of person, you could try that.
The Hair Spa rituals are priced at ₹1,500 onwards with the price depending on the products used. Mine cost ₹3,500 which is expensive but right now my hair is looking and feeling amazing!!!
Treat Your Feet is priced at ₹1,400 and the Clean Sheen clean up is for ₹1,800. (All prices are exclusive of taxes.)
If your skin and hair are in need of some pampering, go ahead and indulge in one of these services which are exclusive to the Lakme Absolute Salons. I got them done today but am so happy with the results that I had to tell you about it asap 🙂

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  1. Was a last minute thing. Next time for sure.

  2. Heena Shah-Dhedhi says: Reply

    You should have told me… I would have loved to come along!

  3. wow, i love how your hair looks. beautiful nail shade 🙂

  4. I didnt check the shade name / number but it was OPI.

  5. whats the shade you’ve on your nails, Dollie?-loved it.

  6. I think the Absolute Salons would have these. You could call and check.

  7. Thats quite a deal!! I have to get one of these done! I hope the delhi salons have these offers!

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