Vichy Bi-White Med Essence Review and Blogger Meet

Being a Francophile it was but natural that when Vichy, the French pharmacy brand was launched in India in 2003, I would incorporate some of their skincare into my daily routine. My skincare then was very basic (I was just 24) and consisted of only Vichy Normaderm cleanser, toner and moisturiser. Soon, I also went on to use the Normaderm Triactive (reviewed here) and Normaderm Hyaluspot (reviewed here) as well as the Capital Soleil (reviewed here) so you can understand how much I love this brand. Needless to say, when Vichy had their first blogger meet last month, I was thrilled to attend it. Read on to know more about the event and a mini-review of the Bi-White Med Essence….
Vichy Blogger Meet and review of Bi-White Med Essence
The beautiful venue, Bunglow 9.
Vichy Blogger event and review of Bi-White Med Essence
Some of Vichy’s best sellers…including my favourite Normaderm

About Vichy

“Vichy is the historical health and beauty brand available in pharmacies. Since it’s creation in 1931 by a physician, Vichy has been helping women worldwide to take care of their beauty, whatever their age or skintype. The Vichy products combine the results of drugs and the pleasure of cosmetics, hence the name “Dermocosmetics”. All Vichy products are formulated using exclusive Vichy Thermal Spa Water naturally enriched in 15 minerals and 13 trace elements. This soothing, fortifying and regenerating “living water” cannot be reproduced artificially anywhere else.

It was a truly informative event with all talk revolving around skin and what one could do to maintain good, healthy skin. Dermatologist to the stars, Dr. Jaishree Sharad, also launched her book, “Skin Talks” at the event.

Vichy blogger event and review of Bi-white Med Essence
Vichy Blogger meet and Bi-White med essence review
The lovely Vipra and me (and my terribly frizzy hair!)

Vichy Bi-White Med Essence Review

The Vichy team gave us some of their best-sellers but the product I was really eager to try out first was the Bi-White Med since my main concern at the moment are the sun spots and marks left behind by the acne breakouts. I started using this on the same night as the event and have been using it the whole month as part of my night-time routine.

Vichy Bi-White Med Essence review
Vichy Blogger meet and Bi-White med essence review

The Bi-White Med Essence is a “Deep Corrective Whitening Essence” that “visibly reduces brown spots”. It is a tube with a slim nozzle that lets you precisely control the quantity that it dispenses. Since it is such a compact tube, it is extremely travel-friendly too and had accompanied me on my New Year’s Eve trip to Matheran.

Vichy Blogger meet and Bi-White med Essence review

The Bi-White Med Essence has a very light texture and gets easily absorbed into the skin without leaving it shiny. Vichy’s products have a unique fragrance; all Normaderm products have a similar fragrance as do all the Bi-White ones. It isn’t a heavy or strong fragrance and doesn’t linger after application.

Since it is an essence, it can be used in conjuction with your existing skincare, after the toner/mist and before the moisturiser. I have been using it only at night and you have to see my skin in the morning to believe me when I say my skin looks radiant! The brown sun spots and acne marks are still there, but they are slowly diminishing in size.

But the best part is the wound on my forehead, where I had got hurt a couple of months ago, and which just refused to fade, has become significantly lighter now! So I’m sure it will definitely help me with the sun spots and acne marks.

Vichy Bi-White Med Essence ingredients
The Bi-White Med Essence has a paraben-free formula and in this one month of using it, it hasn’t made me break out. I guess the Salicylic Acid in it is responsible for preventing acne.
Priced at ₹1150 for 15ml, it is on the higher side but seeing how well it is working for me, I would say it is worth the price. I’m sure this tube is going to last me another month and I hope to see continued results with this.


9 Replies to “Vichy Bi-White Med Essence Review and Blogger Meet”

  1. thanks so much, Dollie. your other posts on Vichy too helped me a lot. will definitely get this.

  2. I hope you like it. It’s working really well for me 🙂

  3. The other lightening essence I use is the Eon Wheatgerm one that I got in the Memebox but can’t seem to find it online. The Bi-White has really helped fade the wound mark and is helping with the acne marks as well 🙂

  4. I really like it. Hope it works as wonderfully for you too 🙂

  5. I’ll surely try this!!

  6. oh, even i need something to lighten a burn. is there anything better than this? else i will get this one. thanks 🙂

  7. the product seems to be a God-sent! <3 gotta check it out!

  8. It was wonderful Preethi 🙂

  9. Looks like an enjoyable event

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