Sigma Beauty Brushes and Makeup Welcome Kit Review and FOTD

Sigma Beauty, renowned for it’s fabulous makeup brushes and makeup, recently sent me a few of their products as a welcome kit for joining their affiliate program. I was super thrilled to see that one of the products that they had sent me, what the much raved about F88. Read on to know what the F88 is, what other products I got and my take on them. As well as an FOTD using those products….
Sigma Beauty makeup and brushes affiliate welcome kit review

I had no clue what they would be sending me. All I knew was that I would be receiving a “welcome kit”. Imagine my surprise and joy at receiving all these fab products. Here’s what I got…
Sigma Beauty makeup and brushes affiliate welcome kit review

From left to right:

* Spa Brush Cleaning Glove sample.
* Eyeshadow in Triomphe
* Lip Vex in All Heart
* E55 Eye Shading Brush
* Lip Base in Indulgent
* F88 Flat Angled Kabuki

Here are the products in detail…


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Sigma F88 Flat angled kabuki brush review

Sigma Beauty brushes are included among the best makeup brushes. The F88 is a foundation brush. It is extremely dense and plush with really closely packed bristles and feels so very soft when applying foundation onto the face. The flat top is especially helpful in buffing the foundation to blur out lines and blend it evenly to give an air-brushed look while the angle of the brush makes it easy to blend the foundation in areas like the the inner corners of the eyes and around the nose.

Sigma F88 flat angled kabuki review

The brush is extremely soft and plush and blends makeup really easily. The long handle and the thick ferrule make it easy to grip and a delight to use. Though I normally prefer to use my fingers to apply foundation, since I felt brushes were too time consuming, I’m loving this brush and use it each time I apply foundation.


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Sigma E55 eye shading brush review

The E55 Eye Shading brush, as the name implies, is a brush meant for applying powder eyeshadow on the eyelid. The brush head is squarish with rounded edges and it helps in depositing colour on the eyelid. Since it is thick and wide, it can’t really be used for the crease but for all over lid colour, this is great. As with the F88, this brush too, is really soft and it’s dense bristles pick up a good amount of product which makes eyeshadow application easier and faster.


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Sigma eyeshadow in Triomphe - review and swatch

I was so sad to see the condition of this eyeshadow. This beautiful eyeshadow came totally broken. I will have to try and fix it somehow because the colour is really lovely as you’ll see in the swatch. The colour is a pewter but with a purple-green duo chrome effect and looks beautiful while applied in several layers. I have applied just a single layer in my FOTD because I didn’t want a very dark smoky look. The texture is really soft and silky, in fact, I’d say it’s comparable to my favourite Lancome eyeshadows in terms of texture and pigmentation. Because of the lovely texture, blending is a dream and there is hardly any fall out!


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Sigma Lip Base in Indulgent - review and swatch

The Lip Base is actually Sigma’s range of thick lip pencils. I usually dislike lip pencils because they just feel so dry and tug at the lips but this one is surprisingly smooth. I wasn’t able to capture the colour accurately and though it looks dark brown in the picture, it is actually a pink-based MLBB (my lips but better) shade. It gives a totally opaque look even on pigmented lips and those with fair to medium skintones can even wear this as a matte lipstick. It would wash out darker skin tones though.
Since it gives an opaque look, it is great for layering under lipglosses and other lipsticks too. Oh, and it’s paraben-free!


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Sigma lip vex in All heart - review and swatch

The Lip Vex is Sigma’s collection of creamy lip glosses with an opaque finish. The shade All Heart is a sheer chocolate brown that just barely shows up on my pigmented lips. Layered over the Lip Base, however, it gives a beautiful glossy MLBB look that is perfect for  work or even party when paired with a smoky eye. The Lip Vex too, is paraben – free.

Sigma eyeshadow, lip base and lip vex review and swatches

These are the swatches of the eyeshadow, Triomphe, the Lip Base, Indulgent and the Lip Vex, All Heart. And here’s how they look on me….

FOTD using Sigma F88, E55, eyeshadow Triomphe, Lip Base Indulgent and lip vex All Heart
FOTD using Sigma F88, E55, eyeshadow Triomphe, Lip Base Indulgent and lip vex All Heart


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Sigma Spa Brush Cleaning Glove

A unique innovation from Sigma, the Spa Brush Cleaning Glove is a specially designed glove, made from silicone, for thoroughly cleaning makeup brushes. It has various textures and surfaces to effectively remove all residue of makeup and give the brushes a deep cleanse. I have received a small sample of the glove just to give an idea of the texture of the full-sized one. I haven’t used this yet but am surely going to when I wash all my brushes.


FOTD using Sigma F88, E55, eyeshadow Triomphe, Lip Base Indulgent and lip vex All Heart
Pic taken in yellow light, no flash
FOTD using Sigma F88, E55, eyeshadow Triomphe, Lip Base Indulgent and lip vex All Heart
Pic taken in white light near a window, no flash
What do you think about Sigma brushes? Which is your favourite brush? Have you tried Sigma makeup before? And what do you think of my FOTD? Do let me know in the comments.
* Disclaimer: PR samples, honest opinion. Affiliate links.

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  1. Awesome pdts 🙂
    I am waiting for mine….
    How many days it took to reach you dollie

    1. It took ages! I think almost a month and a half. And no tracking either. Hope you get your stuff soon. Looking forward to seeing what they send you.

  2. Would love to see what you get in your package 🙂

  3. I also joined their affiliate pgm and I am waiting for the welcome kit 🙂 So excited! try pressing that broken eye shadow using rubbing alcohol or doctors spirit. u look lovely as awlays

  4. Mansi Agg says: Reply

    You have received some lovely products.. Love the Kabuki brush and the lip base the most…

  5. Anupama Eyyunni says: Reply

    i too joined their affiliate program and now waiting for my package :p

    You got some great products!

  6. Thank you Kiran 🙂

  7. I agree Krithi 🙂

  8. Krithi Marla says: Reply

    wow so lucky to recieve all of these products especially that kabuki brush

  9. BeautifulhameshaBlog says: Reply

    wow u looking so gorgeous 🙂

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