Sigma Beauty Indian Independence Day Sale

Sigma Beauty

While the world has truly shrunk and internet has made international brands more accessible, it comes at a price – high shipping charges for international deliveries. One of my favourite international brands which has awesome makeup brushes, is Sigma Beauty which also has pretty high international shipping charges – $14.95 for International Non-Trackable Mail and […]

Sigma Spa Express Brush Cleaning Glove Review

Sigma Spa Express Brush Cleaning Glove Review

Cleaning makeup brushes is one task that I truly dislike. I realise the importance of keeping the makeup brushes clean (and thus, our faces acne-free) but that doesn’t change the fact that I dread the weekly brush cleaning sessions. That changed, however, when Sigma Beauty sent me their new Sigma Spa Express Brush Cleaning Glove and with […]

Sigma Beauty Brushes and Makeup Welcome Kit Review and FOTD

Sigma Beauty, renowned for it’s fabulous makeup brushes and makeup, recently sent me a few of their products as a welcome kit for joining their affiliate program. I was super thrilled to see that one of the products that they had sent me, what the much raved about F88. Read on to know what the […]