A Day Of Going Glam And Rouge With The L’Oreal Red Party – Pictures and…..A Giveaway!

An entire day of gossip, bonding with the girls and a glam photoshoot. Sounds wonderful,  doesn’t it? That’s exactly what was in store for us at the “Red Party” that L’Oreal Paris had organised for us beauty bloggers from Bombay to mark the launch of the Collection Star Pure Red lipsticks (click here to know more about these lipsticks and see the swatches). The invite promised a super-exciting day of macaroons, manicures and makeup followed by a professional photo shoot!
L'oreal Red Party - event pictures and giveaway.
If you follow me on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, you would have already seen some pictures of the event. Read on for details on the event, more pics and….a giveaway…..
We were asked to come in our bare-faced, frizzy-haired glory since we were going to have our makeup and hair styled professionally. Being among the first to reach the venue, I was immediately handed over to ace makeup artist Namrata Soni‘s team for my makeover. One person doing my hair, one doing my makeup….Oh, how I love that kind of pampering….
For each girl, Namrata and team chose a shade from the Pure Red collection they thought would look best with her skintone and features. As for me, I asked outright for Pure Garnet because I simply loved that shade! 
And voilà.  I was ready to face the cameras. Well, not really because I get terribly nervous and conscious in front of the cameras despite having got my portfolio clicked twice! 
Once my photoshoot was done, it was time to have fun with the girls….

And you have no idea what a daunting task it is to get that perfect group shot!  There would be one person blinking,  one yawning,  one looking in another direction..The amount of shuffling and adjustments that it took to “arrange” us all for the group shot made us feel like we’re posing for the class picture in school…
All the efforts paid off and the final pictures proved that it was all worth it….

Photo credits:
Brand: L’Oreal Paris Pure Reds by Color Riche
Agency: FoxyMoron
Photographer: Rema Chaudhary
Hair & Make-Up Expert: Namrata Soni 
I was the only one at the shoot wearing Pure Garnet. What do you think of this shade? Which is your favourite shade from the collection?  I loved Pure Garnet so much that I went and bought one just to give one of you girls!
Exited?  All you have to do is follow Indian Shringar on Facebook,  Twitter and Instagram and comment on this post with your user names / handles.  Simple isn’t it? The giveaway is on till the 14th of Feb and I shall announce the winner soon after (India only.)
*Disclaimer – Giveaway not sponsored by brand.

16 Replies to “A Day Of Going Glam And Rouge With The L’Oreal Red Party – Pictures and…..A Giveaway!”

  1. CA NAMRATA says: Reply

    Really just in love with all of these lippies…They are so Cool and so womanly…
    All of u r looking just mersmerizing…

    I have entered the giveaway hope to be the luckiest…

    Twitter- @NAMRATA_DRAMA
    facebook- Er Nam
    Instagram- @dramaqueennam

  2. Hey Dollie,

    I am sure you had great fun and the pics just amplify the fun you had 😀
    The Pure Garnet looked lovely on you 😀

    I would love to win the Pure Garnet too as after seeing the pics I am sure it would look fab on me too 🙂

    I have entered your giveaway hope to be the lucky one 🙂
    facebook-Clementia DSouza

    fingers crossed 🙂

  3. Hi You look lovely!
    These lipsticks are droolworthy *-* and I so wanted this shade.
    Wish to get lucky this time.

    Followed you on Facebook twitter and instagram.

    Fb : Monica Notnani
    Twitter : @monicanotnani
    Instagram : monicanotnani

  4. Seema Rastogi says: Reply

    Seen all mine favourite bloggers together at one place…The credit goes to Loreal…..All looking super beautiful…Following u everywhere…
    FB : Seema Rastogi
    Twitter: @RastogiSeema
    Instagram: @seemarastogi
    Hope to be the luckiest..

  5. Bhavani Sekar says: Reply

    Great poses all together 🙂
    Already following u on…
    FB : Bhavani Sekar (https://www.facebook.com/Bhavani.Seka)
    Twitter: @Poojadalu (https://twitter.com/PoojaDalu)
    Instagram : @bhavanisekar (http://instagram.com/bhavanisekar)

  6. Hey Dollie, you look gorgeous babe.. I so wish for such a pampering session for myself one day too 😉
    btw, following you everywhere already 😉
    Facebook: Agnibanya Das Poddar
    Twitter : @Agnibanya
    Instagram: @Agnibanya

  7. Oshin Fisheyes says: Reply

    such lovely pictures!! you sure do like like a dolly!! 😀 the lipstick suits you too well. the credit goes to you too for carrying it off so effortlessly! i haven’t tried this range of lipsticks yet but i sure do have my favorites by looking at the pictures and also the tv ad.. pure rouge, pure brick, pure fire and pure garnet look really good!

    i’ve been following you already on facebook, twitter and instagram since long ago! all i had to do was comment 😀
    Facebook handle – Oshin Fishyes.
    Twitter and Instagram – @fishyeyes_

    thanks for the giveaway! may the lucky one win 🙂

  8. Shilpa Bindlish says: Reply

    Beautiful ladies all together 🙂
    I follow u on…
    FB : Shilpa Bindlish
    Twitter: @artisanme79
    IG: @shilpabindlish

  9. Esha Gupta says: Reply

    The first pic is sensational!! The shade looks beautiful on you! 🙂
    I love Pure Rouge and Pure Amaranthe! This shade is on my wishlist.. 😀 😀
    I am already following you everywhere!
    FB name: Esha Gupta
    Twitter handle:@Gupta85Esha
    Instagram Id: esha_wellnessandvanity

  10. Gowthami@beautyfrontline says: Reply

    I love the clicks so much! and the hue looks just perfect on you <3 I have Pure Rouge and totally love it to bits!
    BTW That’s alovely giveaway dear! 🙂
    I’m already following you;
    FB Name: Gowthami BeautyFrontline
    Twitter Handle: Gowthami Sundaram
    Instagram: beautyfrontline

  11. the shade works very well and what an amazing experience. If only having others do your makeup and taking care of your look didn’t involve nerves, right? But that’s part of the experience and such an important part. Glad that you acknowledged it. I bet people often think that it’s just easy. You handled it very well and shined in the moment! Cheers, Maria

  12. u look stunning babe…this is definitely the prettiest of the lot mwaaaaah

  13. Gowthami@beautyfrontline says: Reply

    my god you all look stunning and I love your pics dear! <3 kisses

  14. Saachi Garg says: Reply

    Lovely post Dollie! Everyone looks so beautiful in these Pure Reds! The girls from L’Oreal surely went all out to pamper you guys!
    Loving all the shades as they’re all quite eye catching but Pure Garnet the most as I’ve never used that dark and bold a shade before!
    Following you on all social media platforms since quite a few months now!
    @saachigarg(Twitter Name)
    Saachi Garg(FB/Instagram Name)

  15. Rohita Bhatia says: Reply

    Hi! It is probably a dream come true to get styled by Namrata Soni! Wow! All that make-up on the table, soo amazing. Pure Garnet look stunning on you. 🙂
    Instagram – @myfadeddenim

  16. Niesha Indianbeautyforever says: Reply

    Aww you and Vipra look so good in that picture.<3 Seems like a great event and you girls had loads of fun. <3

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