Contents of Fabbag March 2015

Contents of Fabbag March 2015

When the courier guy delivered the March Fabbag and I held the familiar package in my hand,  it was a lovely feeling. Similar to what you feel when you start taking again to your BFF after a quarrel.  If you’re a regular reader of my blog,  you’ll know that I was a loyal subscriber of Fabbag since the time they started out as Vellvette Box. (click here to read all previous Fabbag / Vellvette unboxings).  I stopped subscribing after a couple of disappointing bags but after seeing some of the recent ones,  I was happy that things were looking good again.  So, here’s what I got in my March 2015 Fabbag…

Contents of Fabbag March 2015

For those who still don’t know what the Fabbag is, it is a monthly beauty subscription bag with a mix of full sized and deluxe sample sized (travel sized) products. A monthly bag is priced at ₹599 but if you subscribe to one of their long-term plans, it could work out to as low as  ₹399 per bag.

Contents of Fabbag March 2015

Here are the contents March #MakeupForDifference bag:

  • Sebastian Volupt Spray (Sample size ₹450 for 50ml.  Full size ₹1450 for 150ml)
  • Inveda BB Cream in Matt (Sample size ₹140 for 15ml)
  • Soultree Kajal in True Blue (Full size ₹350)
  • Palladio Herbal Lipstick in Rosey Plum (Full size ₹650)
  • Fashionography Bracelet with Love (₹249)

Contents of Fabbag March 2015

 Sebastian Volupt Spray

Contents of Fabbag March 2015

I’ve used two phased makeup remover, now is the time for a two phased hair styling products. A combination of spray and gel,  this unique product gives volume with softness without any sticky or crunchy feel.  It can be used pre-blow dry to give lift and volume to the hair or it can be used to enhance the natural wave / curl of the hair while air-drying. I used this yesterday while air drying and the first impressions are good. My hair had body without appearing to be a frizz-ball and the waves had more definition than normal.  And the bonus?  It has a lovely fragrance!

Soultree Kajal in True Blue

Contents of Fabbag March 2015

I had used a shampoo and conditioner from Soultree (read the review here) and had loved both. Of course, I keep trying out new hair products but those have truly been among the best.  So,  when in saw Soultree included in the March 2015 Fabbag,  I was really excited. It is however,  a cobalt blue shade,  a shade of eyeliner I haven’t worn since I graduated from college,  so I doubt know if I’ll try it out or not.  It is,  however,  made from camphor and organic ghee, just like the traditional Kajal used to be made, and does not have parabens so I’m definitely going to use it and hope that I like how the colour looks on me.

 Inveda BB Cream in Matt

Contents of Fabbag March 2015

Inveda is a brand that I’m trying out for the first time. It is cruelty-free and the ingredients are vegetable-mineral derived. I don’t know what shade is “Matt Colour” supposed to be but it does give a matte finish that is so needed in the heat and humidity of this city. It is a completely natural formula, enriched with Almond, Magnolia, Sunflower seed and avocado oils among other beneficial ingredients. No Parabens and no phenoxyethanol either. While there’s no coverage to speak of, it makes the skin smooth and shine-free and forms a wonderful base for foundation. This BB cream also has a very pleasant fragrance and I have been wearing it daily since I got it. I need to check out more products from Inveda now.

Palladio Herbal Lipstick in Rosey Plum

Contents of Fabbag March 2015

Last June, I had received a Palladio eyeshadow quad (see the other contents here) and I had done an EOTD with that quad (see EOTD here). Palladio is brand that makes herbal and vitamin enriched cosmetics. This herbal lipstick has a semi-matte texture and is supposed to be long lasting. The shade I got, Rosey Plum, is the shade of the year, Marsala but has shimmer in it that reminds me of the lipsticks of the 1980s and 90s; the kind that Rekha loved to wear. However it is still a very pretty shade for weddings and festivals and did I mention that it has a yummy caramelly fragrance?

 Fashionography Bracelet

Contents of Fabbag March 2015


I might be in the minority when I say that I prefer not to receive things other than beauty products in a beauty subscription bag. If I want accessories, I would subscribe to an accessory box. This bracelet has quite a tacky finish and is definitely not something I would wear. The only product in this bag that I didn’t like is this non-beauty product. But, like I said, I’m probably the minority and most people would love to get fashion jewellry in their bags.

My View

Overall, it is a really good bag with great “value-for-money”. For just ₹599 per month (less if you take any of 3/6/12 month plans), you get 4 products which are a mix of full sized and sample sized. And the samples aren’t silly sachets either. I am really happy to see that the FabBag has got it’s act together once again and is coming out with really good bags. It feels nice to get back with my “old friend” and I look forward to next month’s bag 🙂

4 Replies to “Contents of Fabbag March 2015”

  1. SO from the list the only product I would love trying is the BB cream. I do agree with you on receiving accessories in a beauty bag! guess we are the minorities then!!

    1. The hair spray is also quite nice surprisingly. It adds some definition to my crazy frizzy hair.

  2. Loved the pictures. I have tried vedic lines’ BB cream but it was quite harsh and gave me skin glitch. Also, quarreling means you care about each other and getting back is sign of true friends. Lovely post!

    Once again, the pictures were fab!

    1. Thanks Ekta. I took the pics on the boot of my car in the parking lot while son was at football class :p
      I’ve been using the BB Cream since about a week and so far so good.

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