L’Oreal Paris Skin Perfect Facial Foam Review And Usage

L'Oreal Paris Skin Perfect Facial Foam

L’Oreal Paris recently launched a whole new range of age-appropriate skincare that caters to the specific needs of the skin at every age. So, there are products for women in their 20s, 30s and 40s all of whom will have different requirements from their skincare. Along with the creams for all these three age groups, there are also facial foams for those in their 20s and 30s. (Of course, women in their 40s can also use these.) The cleanser for the 20s claims to purify the skin and give a glow and “fairness” while the one for 30s claims to purify and smoothen the skin as well as give glow and “fairness”. Read on to know if they actually do as they claim to…..

L’Oreal Paris Skin Perfect Facial Foam Review and Usage

L'Oreal Paris Skin Perfect Facial Foam

 About the L’Oreal Paris Skin Perfect Facial Foam

“The Age 20+ Skin Perfect range is combined with Perlite and Salicylic Acid which helps keep oiliness, blemishes and pimples at bay through your twenties while giving you that perfect clear skin glow. 

The Age 30+ Skin Perfect range contains Pro Collagen which is perfect for fighting those fine lines that begin to appear in your 30s, giving you younger, glowing skin.”


The Skin Perfect facial foams come in tubes with fliptop caps which, I feel, is the perfect packaging for face washes. You can control the quantity of foam that you squeeze out and they are totally travel-friendly.

L'Oreal Paris Skin Perfect Facial Foam

 Texture and efficacy

The name states that it is a facial “foam”. Having used the Korean foaming cleansers I wanted to check if these ones from L’Oreal also foam just as much or have just been named foams. So, I took a pea-sized amount of both the cleansers in one bowl…..

L'Oreal Paris Skin Perfect Facial Foam

I then added a couple of drops of water and “whisked” it with the face mask brush that came with the Wei Golden Root Purifying Mud Mask and it did foam up loads just like the Korean cleansers. So you need just a very small quantity to for the entire face and neck. I would recommend that you first foam it up properly in your palms and then wash your face with the thick, rich foam.

L'Oreal Paris Skin Perfect Facial Foam


It gets rinsed off easily with water and cleans the skin without drying it out. While the “fairness” claims are a bit far-fetched, it does make the skin appear clean and bright. They didn’t make break me out either and that could be because they both have salicylic acid in the ingredients. It is not a makeup remover, however neither does it claim to be.

Both the cleansers have really strong fragrance which smells very sweet and synthetic. While I do love products that have a pleasant, mild fragrance, there’s something about this one that doesn’t appeal to me. But then, that’s a personal choice and what I dislike, others might like.


L'Oreal Paris Skin Perfect Facial Foam

What really surprised me was that both these facial foams have identical ingredients! There is nothing different to support the differing claims of both these cleansers. Both have salicylic acid, both have kaolin and, I’m glad to notice that  neither has sulphates and parabens. The only difference in the ingredients is right at the end of the list; for the 20s foam, it has F.I.L C172648/1 while the 30s foam has F.I.L C174073/1. I tried to search for this online to know what exactly these could be but I couldn’t find anything. Also, it features right at the bottom of the list so it isn’t a major ingredient.

The 30s foam claims to have Pro-Collagen but I don’t have enough technical knowledge to know which ingredient that is. But since the ingredients are the same, that means that even the 20s foam also has it. Why then is L’Oreal making different claims when the product is basically the same?


The L’Oreal Paris Skin Perfect Facial Foams are packaged in 50g tubes.

While the Age 20+ foam is priced at ₹105, the Age 30+ foam is priced at ₹135. I don’t understand why there is this difference in pricing when the product is basically the same and even has the same ingredients.

My views

While the L’Oreal Paris Skin Perfect Facial Foams are nice, gentle cleansers and do clean the skin without making it dry. It does make the skin appear “brighter” but of course, no product can actually change your actual skintone and make it “fairer”. These are good economical cleansers but I wonder why L’Oreal has priced them both differently. Personally, I don’t like the really strong fragrance that the foams have either.

Have you tried out the L’Oreal Paris Skin Perfect Facial Foams?

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  1. Niesha (Indian Beauty Forever) says: Reply

    I have not tried these yet though tried the creams which are good. Would try these soon. Thanks for the review. 🙂

    1. I haven’t tried the creams yet. My skin is experiencing sensitivity so don’t want to experiment right now.

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