Unboxing Sugarbox India Spring Edition Box

Sugarbox Spring Edition contents

There’s a new subscription box in town (well, quite new), and one that isn’t restricted to just beauty products. So all those of you who aren’t beauty mavens and skincare junkies can rejoice because the Sugarbox also has fashion,  lifestyle and gourmet products along with beauty! With a tagline of “Spoil Yourself Silly”, this box promises you a monthly doze of happiness in the form of full-sized goodies. Just three boxes old, the Sugarbox Spring Edition is their fourth box. Want to know the contents? Read on….

Unboxing Sugarbox India Spring Edition

About Sugarbox

“Sugarbox is a curated box full of exclusive goodies which are hand-picked by our team of  in-house stylists and epicureans just for you. By subscribing to Sugarbox, you will receive the latest offerings in fashion, beauty, lifestyle and gourmet products at your doorstep, every month. Because samples are passe and you deserve a box of happiness filled with full size branded goodies.”

Unboxing Sugarbox Spring Edition

Unboxing Sugarbox India Spring Edition

When the box was delivered today, I was stunned at the size of it. The size of a shoebox (the bigger ones that have sports shoes or high heels), the March Sugarbox, which is the Spring edition, had 7 full-sized products all wrapped up in bright green tissue:

  • Pjs – For those super lazy weekends – ₹650
  • 3D comic purse – A quirky little thing to keep your tiny possessions – ₹499
  • Necklace – style it with a shirt as a collar necklace or even over a dress – ₹899
  • Bubblegum flavoured lip balm – Don’t blame us if you want to eat it up – ₹150
  • M&Ms pack of 45g – Need we say more? – ₹100
  • My Bottle Tumblr – We are making sure what is yours stays yours – ₹550
  • La Vie Parfaite reed diffuser – Put it in your bathroom or your room for a lovely fragrance. Never mind how pretty it is. ₹450

Also included in the box is  a 25% discount coupon valid on purchases above ₹500 from their online shop.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these….

Pink Pyjamas (₹650)

Unboxing Sugarbox Spring edition box

Just how cute are these bubblegum pink pjs with the cow print? And don’t miss the pink ribbon drawstring.  I saw a couple of pictures on Instagram with pjs with Spongebob on them. I’m glad I didn’t get those! The material is good and they are long enough to fit even tall girls.

3D Comic Purse (₹499)

Unboxing Sugarbox India Spring Edition



Unboxing Sugarbox India Spring Edition box


Ok, calling this a purse would be stretching it a bit. At best, it can be called a clutch though the max that I could fit into it is some cash, a credit card and my driving licence. If you see the placement of the zipper of the clutch, you would realise that it doesn’t really give much space. The camera print does look really cute though and it would make a lovely accessory for my 4yr old niece. On second thoughts, it would make a nice quirky clutch to funk up a regular outfit.

M&Ms (₹100)

While I’m a total chocoholic, M&Ms aren’t what one would call a “gourmet” delight. But I’m not complaining; chocolate is chocolate 😉

Necklace (₹899)

Unboxing Sugarbox India Spring Edition Box

This is a pretty pendant on a chain in pastel spring-time colours. It is very versatile and can be styled in various ways from jeans and white shirt to an LBD (little black dress) or a LWD (little white dress) to even on a flowy, lucknowi kurti or a linen kurta. It’s a statement piece without being too bulky though it certainly doesn’t seem to be worth ₹899.

Bubblegum Flavoured Lip Balm from Nyassa (₹150)

Unboxing Sugarbox India Spring Edition Box


A girl can never have too many lip balms and this one actually does smell exactly like bubblegum. I used this lip balm and it feels like it sinks into the lips to moisturise them; doesn’t just stay on the top in a sticky, shiny layer. And since it doesn’t leave a shiny layer behind, it is perfect for wearing under a lipstick. I don’t even feel the need to reapply often since it is so moisturising.

My Bottle Tumblr (₹550)

Unboxing Sugarbox India Spring Edition Box

This heat really needs us to keep drinking water to stay dehydrated. I anyway guzzle loads of water through the day so this definitely comes in handy to carry everywhere. And the jute bag which says “Don’t Touch This Is My Bottle” is a nice touch. Wish it came with a sipper instead of a twist open cap since it’s difficult to open the cap and drink water when you’re driving etc.

La Vie Parfaite Reed Diffuser (₹450)

Unboxing Sugarbox India Spring Edition Box

Unboxing Sugarbox India Spring Edition Box

I love reed diffusers and have them in all the rooms in my house. I like that they are eco-friendly air fresheners and do not increase allergies in my kids as other aerosol air fresheners do. The reeds of this one also have pretty white paper flowers entwined on it making it look really pretty. And it has a very pleasant, mild floral fragrance which isn’t over powering nor sickly sweet.

Price and availability

The Sugarbox is priced at ₹1499 and the products in this Spring Edition box have a total value of ₹3298. Though I feel a couple of products are priced slightly high, there’s no denying the fact that it is definitely good value-for-money. You could even opt for a 3/6/12 month subscription which are actually better bargains. Check out the subscription packages on the Sugarbox India website.

My views

The Sugarbox is a wonderful way of pampering yourself each month with a variety of products. I know of several people who felt guilty of subscribing to beauty boxes since they simply couldn’t use up all beauty products they got month after month. With the Sugarbox, you don’t face that problem since they send out such a nice mix of products, some of which can even be used around the home. It would also make a wonderful gift for a friend because who wouldn’t like receiving a box full of surprises? They have a theme every month and send out products according to that theme. The April box is the “Beach Edition” box and I’m sure it will be filled with products to make your beach holiday better and that’s one box I’m not going to miss.

What do you think of the Sugarbox? Would you prefer a box with just beauty products or that has a mix of various stuff? What did you like most from the Spring Edition box? I’m looking forward to reading all your comments 🙂

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  1. Interesting!!

  2. The pink Pj’s and the lip balm look worth the price… the rest of items are a bit over priced..It would be great if they could include any makeup product as well.. 😉 I am just saying…

    1. Let’s see what the April beach edition has…maybe it will have a makeup product like a bronzer or coloured liner?

  3. Wow!!! Like the concept of lifestyle products…. The pink pj’s are too cute.Feel like booking one for myself

    1. It is really a nice box with a great mix of products…and all stuff that can be used 🙂

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