The Body Shop Moisture White Shiso 2 in 1 Brightening Eye Cream Review

The Body Shop White Shiso Eye Cream review

Those of you following me on Facebook / Twitter / Instagram (if you don’t follow me on those, go ahead and do it now) would know that I was away on a weekend break  and as usual, I had no time to write posts and schedule them so here I am, writing after quite a long gap.  This post, specially, has been overdue since I have been using this eye cream for a month and a half now. It is an eye cream that claims to brighten the eye area and reduce the signs of fatigue; basically, something that a sleep-deprived mother like me needs. Does it deliver what it claims? Read on…

The Body Shop Moisture White Shiso 2 in 1 Brightening Eye Cream Review

The Body Shop White Shiso Eye Cream review

About The Body Shop White Shiso Eye Cream

“A dual-action cream that brightens the eye area and improves darkened skin. The premium micro-circulating massager stimulates circulation to improve signs of fatigue. Skin around the eye area feels fresher and smoother and skin tone around the eyes is lighter after use.  Contains Shiso extract and Community Fair Trade Aloe.”

The Body Shop White Shiso Eye Cream review

This cream is for women who have dark circles or signs of fatigue under the eyes due to lack of sleep or stress etc. Note that if you have genetic/hereditary dark circles or dark circles as a result of anemia then please do not expect this cream to work miracles because no topical creams will work on those.


The Body Shop White Shiso Eye Cream review


Peeling the layers of labels in TBS products to get to the ingredients is quite a task and resulted in the smudging in some of the print in the upper corner. Nevertheless,  you can read most of the ingredients and with the exception of phenoxyethanol (a preservative that has been getting some bad press), most of them seem just fine. And it is fragrance-free and paraben-free. Yay 🙂


The Body Shop White Shiso Eye Cream review

The Body Shop Moisture White Shiso 2 in 1 Brightening Eye Cream (isn’t that such a mouthful?) comes in a petite, travel-friendly squeezy tube with a screw-on cap and a metal applicator that is contoured well to spread the cream on the under-eye area. You can squeeze out the required quantity to avoid product wastage and the design of the applicator also prevents the cream inside from getting contaminated.

When To Use

Eye creams should be used after cleansing and toning. That said, if the serum I’m using is lightweight, I use it even on the undereye area. In that case, I apply the eye cream over the serum and also lightly dab it on the upper eyelid with my finger tip. So, if you have really dry undereye area and need the added moisturisation of a serum, then layer the products. If not, just this is enough.


The Body Shop White Shiso Eye Cream review

The Body Shop White Shiso Eye Cream review

I love the texture of this “cream”. It is more of a light, lotion-like texture than the thick cream texture of the Shiseido Benefiance Wrinkle Resist cream. Very hydrating and easily absorbed, it tackles my dry under eye skin without making it very greasy.

The Good

As you can see from the above two pictures, this cream is very hydrating and instantly “brightens” the area when applied giving a “rested” look. It also makes my fine lines appear less noticeable. However, it does not fade my dark circles and neither did I expect it to since my dark circles are a result of genetics and anemia. Being perpetually sleep-deprived, this cream does give me the illusion of having slept well, something my skewed body clock doesn’t allow me to do even on a holiday! My undereye area appears hydrated, more toned and kinda “younger”, if you get what I mean.  The applicator gives a cooling sensation and helps reduce the puffiness too (like the Thalgo Collagen Eye Roll-On).

The Not-So-Good

While the applicator is cooling and helps in spreading the product, I still have to blend in the eye cream with my finger tips to make sure it gets totally absorbed. Just applying it from the tube directly doesn’t help. The other thing I disliked a bit is that the cream spreads all over and even under the rim of the applicator making it a bit messy and I find myself cleaning it after each application.


The Body Shop White Shiso Eye Cream review


The Body Shop White Shiso Eye Cream is priced at ₹2,295 for 15ml which might be on the expensive side for some, but since you need just a little quantity, it would last for at least 2-3 months.

With hydrating and moisturising properties, this really is a very good eye cream, especially for the hot summer months when anything richer would just feel very greasy. If you have dark circles as a result of lack of sleep or spending too many hours in front of your laptop, then this cream will definitely help you. Don’t expect miracles for genetic dark circles though.

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  1. i need to see if i can get this in the uk. will have to check next time!

  2. i have tried Body Shop’s vitamin E eye cream only. Your review making me lust for this one 🙂

    GIG Love,

  3. Sounds like an amazing cream. I would love to gift it to my mom 🙂

  4. I love body shop and yes this is a great product in-spite of its price. It’s in my summer must-have list.
    – Heena, GigLove

  5. My dark circles are genetic as well. They’re caused by my allergies so I know no product will help make them any lighter so I just have to find good concealers for it. I’d like to try this though for the hydrating properties since my undereye area can get quite dry!

    1. i have same dark circles as u’ve mentioned .. can u plz tell which concealer do u use ?

  6. ooh seem like a nice and cooling product…wud love to try this out!

  7. Misskundwe says: Reply

    I love the body stuff.. Im not sure about this particular product because I’m not big into beauty .. But great post and thanks for the info.. xx

  8. That is such a good eye cream review! I would love to try it asap! =D

  9. I would love to try anything that brightens the under eye….. I tried another one before under body shop but it didnt help me much…. would love to see if this can help me

  10. looks like a good product but is quite expensive!!

  11. To be honest, I haven’t really used many Body Shop products… and the once I did try were mostly because of the smell! Good to know they have eye cream treatment too!!!

  12. It sounds good eye cream but way too expensive.

  13. this is very nice product and great. i should try and buy it. thank you for the recommendation <3

  14. I really like the sound of this cream! I’ve only ever used their body butters but might check this out the next time I pop by 🙂 x
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  15. I look for this when I visit body shop.

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