MyGlamm – Salon Services In The Privacy Of Your Home

MyGlamm review

Gel Extensions: ₹3,000

Spa Pedicure: ₹1,000

Getting gel mani and pedi done while supervising son’s homework: Priceless.

As much as I love going to salons to pamper myself, there are times when I simply don’t have the time for that. There are ladies who come home to do waxing and facials etc but for professional treatments like gel extensions, you simply have to get them done from someone who is properly trained and has all the right equipment. When I came back from Goa, I realised that I needed to get my gel nails removed and new ones done (you can’t keep on doing refills) but I didn’t have time to go to the salon because elder son had quite a bit of homework and project work. So I decided to try out the newly launched MyGlamm services which offer salon services by trained staff at your doorstep. Read on to know my experience….

MyGlamm review

About MyGlamm

“From the team that got to India the finest salons and spas like Warren Tricomi, L’Occitane Spa and ELLE Salon and Spa comes the latest launch MyGlamm. If you’re looking to dazzle at the party tonight or in the mood for a relaxing hair spa but can’t make it to your favourite salon on time, fret not. Get clicking on MyGlamm to book your bespoke beauty service at your doorstep. 

With a goal to create a perfect ecosystem for artists too, MyGlamm has created Incubators to train and certify artists to master technical skills in Hair, skin, nails and Spa. The MyGlamm incubator features one of India’s largest and finest Salon training academies that not only helps artists to acquire new and advanced skills but also gives them the soft skills and opportunity to be an entrepreneur.

On MyGlamm discover an artist for on-the-spot services, anytime, anywhere! Simply call 18003000 to book your appointment.

Consumers can also avail the services with MyGlamm app that will be launching soon on Android & iOS.”

MyGlamm review

I had opted for three services; removal of the old gels, new gel nail extensions and a spa pedicure. While booking the service, I was asked if I would be comfortable with a male doing the pedicure for me. Normally, I am OK with that at salons but since I live with my in-laws, I said I would prefer a lady for the pedicure.  After booking the services, I got a confirmation of the service, date and time by SMS which also mentioned the names of the technicians.

To my pleasant surprise, both the ladies  (one for the gel nails, the other for the pedicure), were very punctual and arrived on time for the appointment! In fact, they were a couple a minutes early, a rare thing indeed in India.  They both had their huge bags in which they had all their equipment.

MyGlamm Review

Both the girls set up their tools and equipment, including the massage tub for the pedicure….

MyGlamm review

Rinki, who did my pedicure, and Ayelu, who did my gel nails, were both very pleasant and professional and did a fabulous job. I loved that for the pedicure, she had one-time use sachets of all the products. The nail polishes too, while limited in number, were a nice mix of shades so that you’re sure to have at least one colour that catches your fancy. She gave a lovely massage during the pedicure with just the right amount of pressure. And once the pedicure was done, she thoroughly cleaned up everything , including some of the water that had spilt from the tub as she went to empty it.  My only gripe is that there was no base coat/top coat that was applied before and after the polish.

And as for my gel nails, Ayelu did them as beautifully as they are done in any big salon! While it took pretty much the same amount of time as it would in a salon, at least here, I had my son sit at the table while I supervised his homework.  To be honest, I am so impressed with the gel nails that she did, I am only going to call her for my refills and fresh gels whenever I need them done.

MyGlamm review

Can you believe I took this picture today? 10 days after my gel nails were done, they still look as good as new! Hasn’t she done a marvellous job? Of course, it is also because I chose a pale colour since fading isn’t very apparent in light colours as it is in darker ones. She was very gentle as she buffed away the old gels and not once did I feel any pain or discomfort. The new gels were applied very neatly and again, she was very gentle while buffing and polishing them.

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MyGlamm review

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To say I was happy with the services would be an understatement. I was very impressed; with the professionalism of the girls, the politeness of the lady who booked the services, their punctuality and of course, the end result. While these services are priced pretty much at par with all the leading salons, the quality is at par too! And while you would end up paying the same amount in the salon, the fact that you can get it done in the comfort and privacy of your home, without being stuck in a traffic jam en route or without having to worry about leaving a small child with a baby sitter or maid, makes it truly worth it. These services are currently available only in Mumbai and you can book them from their website here or Facebook page here.

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  1. This looks so cool! No more waiting at salons! I am so gonna try this when I am in India next!

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