Giveaway Alert! My Favorite Vichy Products To Be Won

By now,  those of you who are regular readers of the blog will know about my love for Vichy products. It is one brand whose products are really effective and that is why, it’s a brand that I have been loyal to since more than a decade.
Which is why,  as part of the blogversary + award celebrations, I’d love for you to be able to try out these favourites of mine too (well,  at least one person can).

So here’s My Favourite Vichy Products Giveaway!!!

Indian Shringar Vichy Giveaway

The prizes in the hamper in this Giveaway has been chosen by me and are my absolute favourite products from Vichy. While writing this post,  I realised that I haven’t yet reviewed the sunscreen so I’ll do that soon. One lucky winner will win the following products:

* Vichy Normaderm Cleansing Gel – (read complete review here).  This is one cleanser that has maintained a presence in my bathroom since 11 years! It is wonderful for combination,  oily and acne-prone skin and also for keeping away the monthly breakouts.

* Vichy Bi-White Med Essence – (read complete review here) I used this essence mainly as part of my nighttime skincare regime and my skin looked fabulous in the morning.  The best part,  however,  is how wonderfully it faded the wound mark from my forehead! The Bi-White range has now got upgraded to an improved version as the Ideal White Range.

* Vichy LiftActiv Serum 10 – (read complete review here) I absolutely,  totally LOVE this serum because not only does it hydrate my combination-but-dehydrated skin but also has anti-aging benefits. Highly recommended for almost all skin types.

* Vichy Capital Soleil SPF 50 Dry Touch Fluid – A broad spectrum sunscreen with a high SPF that gives a matte finish…just what we need in the current heat and humidity.  I think this range too,  has got upgraded to a newer version as the Ideal Soleil.

These four products are truly wonderful and with these,  you can even skip on the moisturiser and night cream.  I’m so thankful to Vichy for agreeing to sponsor the products for this Giveaway.

Again, simple Rafflecopter giveaway.  Please remember,  just retweeting and reposting won’t get you extra entries ; you will have to do it from the Rafflecopter widget and enter the url for the extra entry to be counted.  Open to those living in India only (something exciting coming up for international readers soon),  this Giveaway will run for 2 weeks. Best of luck 🙂

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41 Replies to “Giveaway Alert! My Favorite Vichy Products To Be Won”

  1. Divya Asha says: Reply

    I’m very much excited to try out the Vichy Bi-white Med Essence. I believe in products that are used in night time skincare regime. They do miracle on my skin. So, I’d love to win and try out this product.

  2. neha vijay says: Reply

    Yeah only 3 days left.super excited. Wish to win your awesome favourite products

  3. neha vijay says: Reply

    Simply loved the products ????

  4. neha vijay says: Reply

    Hi wish to win.daily I m entering rafflecopter.

    My mail id

  5. It would be vichy sunscreen because i am still looking for my HG sunscreen. Been disappointed with so many brands

  6. I had my first product from Vichy Thermal water for past 2 years and it got a permanent place 🙂 cannot think of any thing better than this. I would love to try Vichy Bi-White Med Essence mainly because the trust that I have on Vichy products and ohh yes I just entered by 30’s so it reminds me to add this kind of product in my daily skin care routine. Also the best part is it would help me diminish the acne marks too so 3 cheers to this.

  7. Joan Kubes says: Reply

    I am really hoping to get to try the B- White Med Essence because I too have a scar on my forhead and it would be so great to find something to fade it.

  8. Bina Parmar says: Reply

    Your Giveways are awesom Dollie Mam!! I really wish to win wid you!!

  9. Asha_suraj says: Reply

    Congratulations on adding another father to your cap.. I would love to see u wear the AnushreeReddy lengha..
    I would love to try the Vichy Normaderma Cleansing Gel, cuz iI have acne prone skin and like you said it works wonders, how this is a non for my pimple se bhara face..

    Hope to get lucky
    Fingers tightly crossed

  10. Hi,first of all thank you for the giveaways…I would love to win Vichy bi white med essence…as i hope it would help me clear the old pimple scars..:)

  11. The product that i am most eager to try is the Vichy Normaderm cleansing gel.. well i have been suffering from Acne from the time i was 13. Unlucky 13 for me..Well,I have tried all treatments like Benzoyl peroxide and Retino. I even went as far as having 6 sessions of Dermaroller..but soon after i got acne again.My fight against Acne have made me realise the importance of a great cleanser which gently removes impurities while maintaining the right pH of the skin..I am currently using Cetaphil oily skin cleanser..but i would like to try This product as i have read great reviews about it from so many beauty bloggers

  12. Hey Dollie, Congratulations on winning that Dreamy Anushree Reddy Lehenga..loved the colours on that one..would love to see you wearing it..Congratulatiions on the award you won at well deserved..Congratulations on your is bloggers like you that inspire amatuer bloggers like me not to give up on our dreams and continue to do good work..never comprising on quality for quantity. I am already following your blog page on FB and twitter since i particiapted in a giveaway on your page last month..on instagram..i have been following for more than 3 months now..and the Vichy page i have bben following that for maore than a year now..(ill be sending you a DM with all the screenshots)..have been a big fan of Vichy products but never got a chance to try them..would be happy if your blog gives me an oppourtunity for the same. Keep up the good work 🙂

  13. Congratulations Dollie and Thankyou for hosting such a lovely giveaway.. Also I cant believe that I wasn’t already following you on Instagram..
    Since you have spoken so highly about Normaderm I am really inquisitive to check out this product
    Much Love xx 🙂

  14. hi dollie,
    thanks a lot for this amazing giveaway!! Congrats for the award dear and happy blogversary!!
    i havent tried any of these product before as i m a sensitive skin type. nut based on your lovely reviews i would love to try out cleanser soon. sensitive skin with acne is really not a good combination. do wanna get the help of vichy cleanser.. 🙂

  15. Shweta Murarka says: Reply

    Hello Dollie,thankyou so much for the wonderful giveaway.I am most eager to try the Vichy Normaderm Cleansing Gel.I have combination skin which gets sometimes oily n sometimes dry… with a very oily T zone.I would love to try this Gel as it is appropriate for my skin type and hence it would help my face look clean , oil free and less acne prone.Its aptly named NormaDerm which i think means Normal Skin.I would love to flaunt Normal skin.:)

  16. I’d love to try the Vichy LiftActiv Serum 10. Seems like just the product for me.

  17. Congratulations!! I am a new follower but have already voraciously read through most of your posts! 😛

    I have heard a lot about Vichy but have never tried it. I would say I’m most excited about the Viichy normaderm cleansing gel! I have been using the Ayorma facewahs for oily skin all summer, but now with winter approaching, I guess I’ll be needing something softer. Also, spf is ALWAYS needed, so the Soleil psf 50 cream!

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway! ^_^ May you grow leaps and bounds! 🙂

  18. Hola Dollie Di.A big big congratulations for 2 things,Firstly for winning the Blogadda happy that we voted and it made a big difference.Secondly ,congratulations for crossing 4k likeson facebook.I love @IndianShringar and follow it religiously;glad to be a part!!
    Vichy is some brand that I’ve heard loads about.It made a part of the Fab bag,My envy box and now here getting an opportunity to win this!Really can’t miss it and your reviews of all products above are making me more drooling over it.
    I would love to try * Vichy Normaderm Cleansing Gel- because as your review says it prevents break outs then I’ll be the happiest girl to possess it.I daily do an up-down of 3 hours,exposed to sun,pollution,winds and whst not and Delhi is a city where one can’t just avoid pollution & dirt anyhow.Being a college gal I always want to have glowing and spotless skin and I believe it can help me achieve it !
    Vichy Bi- White Med Essence is a thing I’ve heard dozens of compliments about too!!
    Following all the steps entered the raffle-copter.

    And yeah 5k likes coming soon :*
    Warm Regards

  19. Hi Dollie!

    I am most excited about the Cleansing Gel because I have an acne prone skin and I’m hoping this would work wonders for me! Congrats on the award!

  20. Shilpa Bindlish says: Reply

    Though I have not tried any of Vichy prodycts yet, but owing to your reviews, I felt I would love to try Vichy LiftActiv Serum 10 that would hopefully be able to replenish my dry and dehydrated skin.

  21. Hey, congrats for winning! I was eyeing the cleansing gel because its supposed to work wonders for my skin type.

  22. ekta vaswani says: Reply

    I am dying to try Vichy Capital Soleil SPF 50 as I have very oily skin also my daily routine involves intense exposure to sun. Thus, I am in constant search of an spf lotion with high uv spectrum which at the same time does not cause acne on my skin and nor makes it look greasy. This product being matte finish and belonging to such a reputed brand becomes my obvious choice in such circumstances.

  23. Sapna Udaywal says: Reply

    Simply Awesome
    Wish to be Lucky

  24. Sumita kapoor says: Reply

    Congrats dollie ..I love your blog and you review it very nicely m new to your blog. Read lot about vichy products but never tried it before wish to win this giveaway

  25. Congratulations Dollie! :* It was an amazing win and you well deserved it. I knew it you will win anyway because you have proved to be the best. This giveaway is a wonderful celebration with all the products you absolutely love. Well, I am most eager to try the Vichy Bi- White Med Essence since i have loads of scars on my face and all my efforts to fade them ended in vain. This product seems to be a savior for me after I read your review. Thanks for this giveaway.


  26. I would like to try the Vichy Capital Soleil Dry Touch sunscreen as I have very sensitive skin and most sunscreens cause breakouts for me. This one from Vichy is lightweight, gives a matte finish, has high SPF 50 and is also paraben free. I would also like to try the Vichy Bi-white Med Essence as I have some stubborns scars and dark spots.

  27. Niti Chopra says: Reply

    So I have tried a lot of other brands starting local and going global with Clarins, Lancôme, givenchy and it’s time to see if I movie over to the Vichy side…

  28. Hello dear,
    Many congratulations ? on your success and I love reading ur blog. ? I like ur giveaways choice how you come up with so useful n nice beauty products for us and this time vichy products ❤ I would love to try vichy liftactive serum 10 for my dehydration skin for hydration .mand anti aging…
    Much love.. Thank you!! ? #VichyIndia #ShringarWithVichy

  29. Shilpa Shetty says: Reply

    I’m eager to try Vichy Bi-white Med Essence as I have acne scars and uneven skin tone with some brown sports which are as stubborn as me. I have tried some home remedies and also some skin treatments but none has worked wonders After reading your review on Vichy Bi-white Med Essence, I have hope that atleast my scars will fade away slowly after using it.

  30. I would like to use Vichy Normaderm Cleansing Gel as my skin is oily and sometimes I get pimples too . I have read a lot about Vichy products that they are good but have not tried yet , would like to try this Cleansing Gel.

  31. I have heard about essence in Korean beauty regimes …. but didn’t find any good one in India. .. I have expectations from Vichy ! really excited for Its Bi-white med essence !

  32. Hearty congratulations for this big achievement, Dollie. It must have been such a proud moment to win this esteemed award among so many other contestants…
    I would love to try the Vichy LiftActiv Serum, because I have the same combination-dehydrated skin, with oily Tzone that you have mentioned. So its difficult to find products for that. Also I have some fine lines on my forehead mainly appearing due to dehydration. So after reading your review, I feel this is the apt product for me. I would also love to try the Vichy BiWhite Med Essence as I have some acne scars which I wish to fade. Thanks for this superb giveaway…

  33. Thank you soo much dollie for this super skin loving giveaway I will definitely want to try vichy normaderm cleanser as I am thinking to switch over my natures co raspberry face wash as I don’t liked it much as it doesn’t takes away dirt I have to rewash my face as I have super sticky and oily skin. Would love to try this beauty and get myself rid of unwanted grime and get best complementing skin flawless and ageless like yours

  34. Vinita sharma says: Reply

    Hello dollie !
    Iam an old follower of yours my instagram handle – @vinitas1991 ☺ firstly a big congratulations on your success and i so hope a lot more to come !! Love your reviews ! I always wanted to try vichy products and this opportunity is the one thankuu so much ! The one product that iam really excited about is the vichy bi-white med essence. WHY ? Because i love night care products when you wake up with the glow in the morning your skin feels so rejuvenated and hydrated ! I have dry skin so iam constantly looking for good skin care products ! I soo sooo wish i get lucky.. would be more than happy ! Loads of love ❤

  35. Hello mam, Just few weeks back I started following u nd I must say ur blog is fab.
    I love Vichy Normaderm Cleansing Gel as I have combination skin.. Love u loads?

  36. neha vijay says: Reply

    Hi awesome blog.I personally love your skin’s glowing really.U look so beautiful.would love to try these products.I would love to try Vichy liftactiv serum my skin is so dry and as u told its so hydrating and because it has anti ageing effects so it will be helpful to keep my skin nourised and wrinkle free.would love to try these products.Thanks for such awesome giveaway.because personally I can’t afford such costly products.if I like it may be I can repurchase it if i win may be.☺☺☺

  37. Hey many congratulations for ur win.. I have recently started following you nd must say ur reviews are very genuine..loads of love for ur work….
    I love Vichy Normaderm Cleansing Gel as I have combination skin ?

  38. Hi Dollie,
    First of all congrats on ur winning. And u always come with such a elegant n classy giveaways which I truly love n wish to win all of them…. I have heard a lot about Vichy lifactiv serum which helps in anti aging n this is much needed for me as I have crossed 25. It also contains Rhanmose which helps in skin rejuvenation, so really wanna win it. Thank you so very much for this wonderful giveaway

  39. rashmi saini says: Reply

    Hey! Many congratulations for this achievement. I would love to try vichy normaderm cleansing gel. ?
    Also, can’t find the giveaway post on your instagram. Please guide me. ?

  40. Hi Dolie!! It was a well deserved win I voted for you on bloggadda awards totally awesome. Thank you for celebrating your win in such a classy style giving away really nice and international products. Vichy is a dermal range that has always made me wonder and tempted me over the past few months when I was going thru your reviews. I already started accepting my flaws until you posted about Vichy bi white med essence I am suffering from blemish scars and brown spots due to hyper pigmentation in my skin whenever I step out in sun no mater how damn spf I apply my skin gets irritated and hence over the period of time I have developed sunburn spots and I hate them things look worse when pimples show up. So giving me big big scary marks. I have tried many night Ceams but never tried an essence. I am really hopeful after reading your reviews about the product also I have a curious incline towards Vichy normaderm cleanser as this brand is using Vichy thermal spa water with 15 mineral and 13 trace elements in almost all of their derma crafted range which i think is even more than a mineralized intake per person and looks miraculous I have been reading about the effects of thermal spa water from a big time now and I really wish to treat my sensitive skin with this exotic and totally derma friendly brand Vichy.
    Thank you so much Dolie
    This is truely an derma treat for beauty goodness like me

  41. Totally glued dollie awesome review

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