The Home Salon – Experience, Review and Giveaway

The Home Salon Experience, Review and Giveaway

One of the first entrants into the professional at-home salon services niche was The Home Salon. Started by an investment banker, the very pretty Rishika Chandan, who felt “If we can have groceries home delivered, why not professional beauty services?”, The Home Salon offers beauty treatments for the skin, hair, nails and body all by trained and experienced stylists, therapists and technicians. I tried out a couple of their services and here is my experience with them….

The Home Salon Experience, Review and Giveaway

Booking appointments with The Home Salon is very easy. All you have to do is select the services you want, enter your details along with the time slot that you would prefer and submit. Within 10 minutes, you get a call from them confirming the appointment as well as the exact time. The customer service ladies are very polite and will answer all your queries. I had booked a Full Legs De-Tan wax as well as Gel Extensions (what do I say, I am in love with gel nails) French with Glitter. I asked for two different time slots for both these services since different technicians would be coming for both anyway.

The De-Tan wax is basically a chocolate wax and to my delight, Sarika, the girl who came to do the waxing, was right on time. Very polite and extremely efficient, she handed me a disposable sheath to wear during the wax and by the time I came out of the bathroom after changing into it, she had already setup the wax heater, the disposable sheets and had an aroma oil in the burner nicely scenting up my room! I was very impressed with her speed.

The Home Salon Experience, Review and Giveaway

She was equally dextrous and efficient when it came to waxing and she had finished doing my legs in just half an hour. While I didn’t think that the chocolate reduced my tan, it did manage to remove all the ingrown hair that normal wax never manages to get to. She cleaned the legs with the lemon oil cleanser and then asked me if I needed to get any threading done. Since I never touch my eyebrows and since I have the Braun Face for my upper-lip, I didn’t need to get threading done but I liked the fact that she asked.

The Home Salon Experience, Review and Giveaway  When she was leaving, she asked me to review the experience on an app on her phone and then gave me this as  a  Thank You…

The Home Salon Experience, Review and Giveaway

I feel it is little touches such as this and the aroma burner that add value to the salon services at home and what would set one service provider apart from the others.

It was then time for my nails and Sana, the nail technician was also pretty punctual. She had called me up while enroute as she was stuck in traffic but then managed to come just a few minutes late. Considering the traffic scenario in Bombay, that is excusable. She too, was very careful and meticulous and kept asking me if my nails were hurting when she was buffing them. She also was a bit slow too as compared to the other technicians who have done my nails earlier. However, she did ensure that it was all prefect and that the gel was levelled properly. She showed me various nail art pictures on her phone in case I wanted to get something fancy done and while those were very pretty designs, I preferred something simpler and more classic.

The Home Salon Experience, Review and Giveaway

Sana had suggested silver glitter but I chose the gold instead. I think she was right…silver would have looked better since the gold was looking more yellow. But overall, the nails looked fab. However, due to some glitch in the product, the white tips started showing grey patches the next day and I got in touch with The Home Salon team to inform them of it. After I explained the whole thing to them, what surprised and impressed me the most was when I got a call from Rishika herself asking about the issue. She said that she personally goes through all the client feedback and is always looking for ways to improve the services.

Rishika then sent someone to fix the nails as best as possible. I had two options, either I could remove the french tips and get fresh ones put; an option she advised against since that would involve further buffing of my nails, or I could just get the extensions removed. I didn’t like the latter option as my nails were down to stubs so we decided to let the french extensions remain but do a dark polish over it.

The Home Salon Experience, Review and Giveaway

And my nails continued to look fabulous! What really impressed me was that the founder herself is so involved with every aspect of the business and has client satisfaction as her ultimate aim and also knows the technical aspect of most of the services listed in their menu. She also personally oversees the buying and sourcing of materials and thus ensures that the products used are of good quality.

The other thing I really liked about The Home Salon is their pricing. All the services are very competitively priced without compromising on quality and their packages especially, offer very good value for money. Just to give you an idea, the de-tan wax for full legs is priced at ₹563 while the Gel Extensions French with Gitter are ₹2,800. You can check out all the services and packages on their website here. Currently, the services are offered only in Mumbai though they do have plans of expansion. They are also working on their app for android as well as iOs. For the upcoming Navratri festival, they also have a special promotion for all those who want to flaunt their backs in their sexy cholis….

The Home Salon Experience, Review and Giveaway

And now, here’s some good news for those of you living in Mumbai……

The Home Salon Experience, Review and Giveaway

One of you could win an at-home pampering with a complimentary mani, pedi and facial from The Home Salon. As always, enter via the Rafflecopter widget and follow all the steps. Remember, Mumbai only.

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