The Body Shop Oils Of Life Facial Oil Review

The Body Shop Oils Of Life Facial Oil Review

The Body Shop has some truly wonderful products with their body butters and night mask  being my absolute favourites. Now, there is one more product that has made it’s way to my favourites list and that is the recently launched The Body Shop Oils Of Life Facial Oil. If you follow me on any of my social media channels, you would have seen a little video of me declaring my love for this product. (See it here if you haven’t already). So let’s talk in detail about…..

The Body Shop Oils Of Life Facial Oil

The Body Shop Oils Of Life Facial Oil Review

About The Body Shop Oils Of Life Facial Oil

The Body Shop Oils Of Life Facial Oil Review

“We searched the world and selected 3 precious seed oils known for their supreme revitalising and repairing properties on skin;
* Black cumin oil from Egypt, known for it’s concentration in antioxidants
* Rosehip oil from Chile,  rich in repairing Omega 3 and 6
* Camelia oil from China,naturally rich in oleic acid.  
By infusing them with a powerful blend of essential oils, we created a daily facial oil that intensely revitalises skin and visibly reduces signs of aging.”The Body Shop Oils Of Life Facial Oil Review

What is the packaging like?

Packaged in a pretty ombre bottle,  reminiscent of the Red Musk EDP, The Body Shop facial oil looks lovely on any vanity. I guess they chose the ombre bottle to reflect the ingredients; black for the black cumin, red for the rosehip oil and yellow for the Camelia oil. The bottle has a squeezy dropper that let’s you control the quantity of product you dispense. Since it is an oil, you don’t need more than 4-5 drops for the entire face and neck.

The Body Shop Oils Of Life Facial Oil Review

Who should use it?  When to use it?

The Body Shop Oils Of Life Facial Oil is lightweight and easily absorbed by the skin. It doesn’t leave the skin feeling oily or greasy and hence can be used by all skin types. While most people would think that oily skin types should avoid facial oils, the fact is that certain oils do help in balancing the sebum. The quantity that you use can be adjusted depending on your skin’s requirement.
Most people see oils as part of an anti-aging regime but personally,  I feel that everyone can benefit from a facial oil. Depending on your age and skin type, you could either use just a couple of drops at night,  or use more drops, twice a day. For my skin, I don’t feel the need to add a serum or a moisturiser when I’m using the oil but if your skin is very dry, then you might need to.


The Body Shop Oils Of Life Facial Oil Review

The first ingredient in this oil; caprylic triglyceride is an emollient mixture of Coconut oil and glycerine. Add to that olive and jojoba oils, the oils from those seeds mentioned above and essential oils along with Vitamin E and you have a delightful, pampering, nourishing cocktail for your skin. Along with the essential oils, the aroma that is distinctivelyrics noticeable in this oil is that of cumin, and I mean that in a really nice way. (I love cumin anyway, especially the fragrance of freshly roasted cumin).

 My Views

I have been using this oil, morning and night, since a little more than a fortnight and my skin has been loving it! As mentioned earlier, I don’t require a separate serum or moisturiser with this oil. You have to exfoliate your skin regularly though because I have noticed that when skin isn’t exfoliated, the oil doesn’t get absorbed well and kind of sits on top of the skin. My skin definitely does look healthy and radiant since using this and the fine lines are minimised. It is truly a wonderful and effective product and versatile too – while testing out a new foundation, I mixed a drop of oil with the foundation since it was very thick and I loved the radiant finish that I got.

Priced at ₹3095 for 30 ml, it is an expensive product but it is worth the price since you use just a few drops per application. For this winter, I would suggest that you ditch those mineral oil and silicone laden creams and give this oil a shot. As The Body Shop claims, it isn’t a miracle, but it’s close.

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  1. I enjoyed this reading this review very much. Your writing is style is very beautiful. Thank you for sharing your gift with us.

  2. awesome review, now I want to buy it and try it 🙂


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