Zotiqq January 2016 Box Unboxing and Review

Zotiqq January 2016 Box Unboxing and review

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A subscription to a monthly box, be it a beauty box or a wellness box or even a jewellery box, is like a monthly surprise gift to yourself. The excitement of receiving a parcel, the pleasure of opening it and the eagerness to see what’s inside – all of that is the same thing you feel when you receive a gift, isn’t it?And when the box contains pretty, sparkly baubles, it’s the icing on the cake. I’m talking about Zotiqq a fashion jewellry e-store that also has a monthly subscription box. Here’s the unboxing and the contents of the Zotiqq January 2016 Box.

Zotiqq January 2016 Box Unboxing and review

About Zotiqq

“Refresh your jewelry wardrobe each month! 

We at Zotiqq believe in bringing to you the most carefully selected fashion accessories which are bang-on trend, so that you can take your pick and develop your style. Our collections cover a wide spectrum of fashion accessories, ranging from necklaces to rings, from hair accessories to bracelets.
Shop for individual pieces or book a jewellery box from us and get a surprise in your mailbox each month, just like your monthly magazines!”

Zotiqq January 2016 Box Unboxing and review

Zotiqq is the brainchild of one of India’s top beauty bloggers and entrepreneur Ritu Rajput of The Indian Beauty. Besides shopping for jewelry, you can also take up a subscription and get surprised each month with 5 jewelry pieces; a combination of statement pieces as well as subtle elegant ones. Here’s what I received in my Zotiqq January 2016 Box….

Crystal Necklace and Crystal Earrings

These are the statement pieces in this month’s box. The Crystal neckpiece is a stunner but a bit too blingy for my liking. This is the point about subscription boxes; they encourage you to break out of your comfort zone and try out stuff that you wouldn’t normally think of getting for yourself. That one necklace is enough to take your look from drab to fab. You can go from work to party simply by adding this neckpiece to a simple black top, for example.

The Crystal Earrings follow the same three leafed design as the necklace and can be worn along with it as a set (however, that would be bling overload) or by themselves.

Zotiqq January 2016 Box Unboxing and review

Falling Leaves Necklace


Zotiqq January 2016 Box Unboxing and review

This is a very elegant three-tiered necklace with a leaf pendant on each of the three chains. It has got to be my favourite piece from the box because of it’s simplicity and elegance and the fact that it can be worn with several different kinds of clothes as well.

Gold Midi Rings

Zotiqq January 2016 Box Unboxing and review

These are my first midi rings! Yes, I know it sounds strange but I kept away from midi rings till now because I felt that they wouldn’t look good on my “fat” fingers. Here, again Zotiqq has made me try out something new and I’m thankful for that because they do actually look quite nice on my fingers 🙂

Snake Hand Harness

Zotiqq January 2016 Box Unboxing and review

The only item in the box that I disliked is this snake hand harness. Not only is the snake a reptile I dislike (so no, even if I could, I would never buy the Bvlgari Serpenti watch), this hand harness also was broken despite all the items being packed in individual plastic bags as well as being safely tucked up in bubble wrap. I did try to fix it and connect the links but couldn’t. And didn’t really try too hard because of the snake on it. However, what I’m really impressed with, is the fact that Zotiqq instantly replaces any broken or damaged pieces! Now who does that?? Super impressed.

My Views

Priced at ₹1500 for a monthly subscription (they also have 3 and 6 month subscriptions available), the Zotiqq Jewelry Box is certainly a very good way of replenishing your fashion accessories each month. The best part is that a box such as this encourages you to play around and break out of your comfort zone with products that you might not normally choose for yourself.  Of course, that could swing either way and you could, perhaps end up disliking the stuff you receive. But that is a risk that you take with all subscription boxes. And seeing the lovely stuff on Zotiqq’s website, I can’t help but feel excited about the February box 😉

Because of all the running around I have been doing recently for my home renovations and other stuff, I haven’t had the time to wear and style the jewelry on me and take pictures. But I shall as soon as the pace of life slows down a bit and shall post them on Instagram so stay tuned.

Have you tried out a Jewelry box before? Would you like to receive surprise jewelry? Do let me know in the comments below.

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