Bio Oil Yummilicious Walk with Carol Gracias and Shweta Salve

Bio Oil Yummilicious Walk

On the eve of Mother’s Day this year, I attended the Bio Oil Yummilicious Walk in which Yummy-Mummies-To-Be Carol Gracias and Shweta Salve walked the ramp with other mommies-to-be, all of them flaunting their adorable baby bumps. The event brought back memories of my pregnancies for me and made me realise that it’s been a decade of motherhood for me.

Bio Oil Yummy Mummy
Flaunting my baby bump on my babymoon in May 2010

Pregnancy is one of The Most beautiful phase of a woman’s life. The experience of having a little life grow inside you from something microscopic is nothing short of miraculous – this is Mother Nature’s magic at it’s very best. While I enjoyed every moment of my pregnancy and comfortably accepted all the accompanying changes in my body and skin, I know of several other girls who weren’t comfortable in flaunting their baby bumps, who had apprehensions about wearing certain clothes – including sarees – because they have stretch marks. This was precisely the reason why Bio Oil hosted the Yummilicious Walk – to help expecting mothers shed their inhibitions and celebrate this beautiful phase of motherhood.

Bio Oil Yummilicious Walk

While pregnancy makes a woman’s skin radiant and glowing and her hair lustrous, the stretching of the skin causes the collagen and elastin bonds to break thus giving rise to the things mommies dread – stretch marks. The secret to prevent stretch marks is to keep the skin well moisturised with emolliant moisturisers and body oils such as the Bio Oil which contains Vitamin E, Lavender, Calendula and Rosemary to help increase collagen production and keep the stretch marks at bay.

Bio Oil Yummilicious Walk

TV actor Shweta Salve was thrilled with Bio-Oil’s initiative and enjoyed “sharing the stage with confident and glowing Yummy Mummies.” She said – “Pregnancy is a wonderful journey that should be cherished and rejoiced. Here’s wishing all the mothers-to-be a Happy Mother’s Day.”

For model Carol Gracias, this was not just her first pregnancy, but also her first ramp choreography and she was ” delighted to have been given the opportunity to choreograph the walk with all these gorgeous women!” She also said – “Joining these lovely mothers has been an over-whelming experience. So, all you Yummy Mummies out there go ahead and flaunt your cute baby bumps!”

Bio Oil Yummilicious Walk
Panel Discussion with Dr. Kiran Coelho, Dr. Rashmi Shetty, Carol Gracias and Shweta Salve.

Also present at the event were celebrity gynaecologist Dr. Kiran Coelho and dermatologist Dr. Rashmi Shetty. Expressing her view on this topic, Dr. Coelho highlighted the importance of a healthy nutritious diet as well as keeping active during pregnancy while adding the need to shed inhibitions and superstitions that go hand-in-hand with this joyous phase.

The specialists also spoke about various concerns related to health and skincare during pregnancy. They shed light on the ideal time after which mothers may start exercising in order to shed their pregnancy weight as well as recommended tips for improving the skin post-pregnancy. Dr. Rashmi Shetty emphasised on the need to keep the skin hydrated and moisturised starting from the time you get to know of your pregnancy so as to avoid the dreaded stretch marks.

Well, Bio Oil certainly makes that part of the pregnancy easy. So all mommies-to-be, don’t forget to use Bio Oil so that you can flaunt your baby bump and beautiful skin even after the baby is born 🙂

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