Finally on YouTube – Indian Shringar Collaborates with Beautv

Indian Shringar on YouTube

Fellow bloggers and readers have been telling me to start making videos since quite a while. The idea did appeal to me but the biggeset issue was that I am simply not tech savvy enough. It took me long enough to learn the ABCs of blogging (and I am still learning something each day) so to shoot videos and edit them looked like a very daunting task.

But as they say, if you want something badly enough, the universe consipres to make it happen. And I got my opportunity. India’s first and only salon-exclusive beauty channel, BeauTV  approached me to partner with them to create beauty, fashion and lifestyle related content and thus, Indian Shringar collaborates with BeauTV.

Indian Shringar on YouTube

The first video I shot was so, so terrible, that I told them to delete it immediately. I look like a scared, nervous rabbit who is in front of the camera because there’s a gun to her head. It was only later that I relaxed a bit and the subsequent videos turned out OK. I am slowly enjoying the whole process, right from the shoot to voice-overs and I can’t express how thrilled I was when the first video actually went up on the BeauTV YT channel.

And here’s the first video….a Q n A with the lovely Dr. Jaishree Sharad….

It is still a struggle for me to juggle my time and domestic stuff (unboxing cartons etc – if you follow me on Snapchat, you will know what I mean) to make time for the shoots, the voice over etc but at least, it is a start.

A big thank you to all of you for your support through my blogging journey as well as for your suggestions that I should do videos. I’m looking forward to your support and encouragement and constructive criticism on this journey as well. Do check out the video, give it a thumbs up (if you liked it) and subscribe to the BeauTV channel. There will be more videos from me coming soon. Also, if you have any particular suggestions or any topics that you’d like me to cover in these videos, then do let me know. I am very excited to hear from you 🙂

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  1. Ankita@corallista says: Reply

    Congratulations Dollie!

    1. Thanks a lot Ankita 🙂

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