The Body Shop Drops Of Light Pure Healthy Brightening Serum Review

The Body Shop Drops Of Light Serum review

This summer and monsoon, my skincare routine has been really minimalist and I don’t layer many products over each other. Since the past month, I have been  using The Body Shop Drops Of Light  Serum as part of my morning routine after cleansing (at night I use the NIOD NAAP). I don’t layer any moisturiser over it – just a sunscreen on the days I have to go out (Yes, sometimes, I don’t practise what I preach). Read on to know more about The Body Shop Drops Of Light Pure Healthy Brightening Serum.

The Body Shop Drops of Light Serum Review

The Body Shop Drops Of Light Serum review

About The Body Shop Drops Of Light Pure Healthy Brightening Serum

“A very lightweight serum that absorbs quickly into the skin, leaving it velvety soft and shine free. Clinically proven to reduce the number and intensity of dark spots. Leaves skin plumped with moisture and looking brighter and more luminous. With regular use, skin appears smoother, more healthy and translucent; more even-toned. Perfect for day and night.”

One of my absolute FAVOURITE skincare products was the Yufit Eon Wheatgerm Essence, a Korean skincare product that had a watery texture with moisturising and brightening benefits. However, it is very difficult to get. Imagine my delight when I found the texture and effects of The Body Shop Drops of Light Serum to be very similar! Not to mention the fact that The Body Shop products are easily accessible.

The Body Shop Drops Of Light Serum review


The Body Shop Drops of Light Serum comes in a white glass bottle with a dropper fitted in the cap pretty much like the Oils of Life Facial Oil (just a different colour of the bottle). The dropper is perfect for the almost watery texture of the serum. A pump would have been impractical here. With the dropper, you can dispense just the right number of drops that you require without any sort of wastage.

Texture and Efficacy

The two things that I absolutely LOVE about this serum are the lightweight, watery texture and it’s amazing fragrance. In fact, instead of a serum, I would say that the texture is more like an essence – it is like applying water onto the skin, gets absorbed almost instantly and gives the skin a satin finish. My skin feels extremely soft and well-hydrated after this so I don’t need to add any moisturiser over it. Of course, if your skin is very dry then you might need to. Because it is so light and non-greasy, it is suitable for all skin types, even oily ones.

Initially, I used to take the serum on my fingers and then apply on my face. The serum being runny, dripped down my fingers and forearms rather then getting onto my face. So I now just put it directly onto my face – put a drop on the forehead and blend it in, a couple of drops on each cheek, a drop on the chin and a couple more on the neck.

The Body Shop Drops Of Light Serum review

In this past month that I have been using this serum, my skin has lost some of it’s sallowness and become a bit more radiant. As a result, my skin looks brighter and more “fresh” rather than dull like it used to. My skintone has definitely improved and looks more even without any makeup too. However, there hasn’t been any change in the intensity of my dark spots/freckles but thankfully there aren’t any new ones either.


The Body Shop Drops Of Light Serum review

The Body Shop Drops of Light Serum has Red Algae Extract from the North Atlantic waters. The Red Algae is rich in Vitamin C, nutrients and minerals that help make the skin brighter. It also has Sodium Hyaluronate that helps keep the skin hydrated along with aloe vera and rose extracts. While it does have Pheoxyethanol, it is listed right at the bottom of the ingredient list which means that the quantity is minuscule.

My Views

Priced at ₹2,450, The Body Shop Drops Of Light Pure Healthy Brightening Serum isn’t light on the pocket.  However, if you want a lightweight product that is non-greasy, moisturises the skin while evening out the skintone and making it appear more radiant, then this is the product you should go for. Don’t expect it to magically erase the dark spots though it will fade them slightly. Oh, and this does have a delightful fragrance too.

Have you tried The Body Shop Drops of Light Serum? How well has it worked for you? I’d love to know so do tell me in the comments below.

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  1. So,as you said,it can be a bit expensive.Could you suggest me any brightening serum that works like this or more with low cost? It would a great help! Thanks!

    1. I would recommend you try the Azalaeic Acid Suspension from The Ordinary. It’s priced around Rs.850 and ships to India as well.

  2. Are you use the serum everyday?

  3. Hi i’ve been using body shop drops of youth serum but i really want to try the drops of light serum. I love DOY (i just run out my 4th or 5th bottle.i forgot lol) my question is do you think drops of light is as good as DOY?

    1. I haven’t used the DOY serum at all. I should try it out 🙂

  4. Tasneem Tapalwale says: Reply

    You pretty much covered everything that I felt abt this product. Along with serum, I have also been using the day cream and I love love love the way my skin looks and feels today.

  5. its quite pricye but most effective serums are i believe 😀 great review

  6. Aparna Rizwan Ahmed says: Reply

    I definitely want to try this product….because i heard a lot abt it…

  7. this one sounds great but like you said it is heavy on would be steal if I can spot it on discount 🙂

  8. Jayanthi Parthasarathy says: Reply

    very well taken pics
    superb review
    tempted once again to buy this 🙂

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