Zandu Lalima Blood and Skin Purifier Review

Zandu Lalima blood and skin purifier review

Last week, I suddenly had a bad case of dermatitis on my face – both cheeks and forehead  were covered in an itchy, red rash which refused to subside despite generous applications of Calamine lotion. To make matters worse, I also had two painful boils and sensitivity and peeling around my mouth area and I just couldn’t figure out why this was happening since I hadn’t added any new product to my regime which had been constant since around a month. I decided to go back to my faithful Zandu Brihat Manjisthadi Quath syrup which had helped me in my teens and also during my recent adult acne breakouts.

That HG anti-acne syrup had got discontinued, however but the chemist told me to try another one  – the Zandu Lalima Blood and Skin Purifier which is a blood and skin purifier. Since this was also from the house of Zandu as the earlier one that worked wonders for me, and since it also had Manjishta, I decided to give it a shot.  It’s been 6 days since I have been consuming this medicine and seeing the results, I had to write this post to share my experience with you.

Zandu Lalima Blood and Skin Purifier Review

Zandu Lalima blood and skin purifier review

About the Zandu Lalima Blood and Skin Purifier

“An Ayurvedic skin and blood purifier that treats acne / pimples from the root and reduces their occurance to a great extent. It has Kesar and Haridra for glowing skin, Honey that rejuvenates skin, Triphla that improves blood circulation, Anantamool, Katuki, Guduchi and Manjishtha to purify the blood and clear pimples.”

Zandu Lalima blood and skin purifier review

First things first, the Zandu Lalima Blood and Skin Purifier is B.I.T.T.E.R!!! Ok, it does have honey and mint and a flavoured sugar syrup base that gives it a pleasant taste but even that isn’t enough to mask the bitterness inherent in herbs such as Manjishtha (Manjishtha is also one of the herbs in the new Medimix Ayurvedic Face Mask). Having had the Brihat Manjishtadi Quath earlier – which is about fifty times more bitter than this, I didn’t have any issues with the taste of this one. But if you haven’t had such bitter Ayurvedic concoctions before then consider yourself warned. I can even have bitter neem juice without a fuss so this one was almost like dessert for me.

What has impressed me and made me write this review, besides the ingredients, is the difference it made to my skin in a matter of days! In just 5 days, the painful, blood-filled boils have reduced in size and redness and the dermatitis rash has gone! Completely!!! There is no itchy feeling on my skin, no redness – just a bit of peeling around the mouth where I had the sensitivity. While I don’t buy into the “fairer skin” claims, my skin does look brighter. But that could also be because the red rash has gone. I have been taking the advised dose of 2 tsp twice a day and am definitely going to continue this treatment for an entire month! Perhaps longer depending on how my skin looks after a month. I hope that taking this regularly will also keep away the “once a month” breakouts that I get. After all, prevention is better than cure.


While you can see the ingredients in the picture above, here’s how they are beneficial to the skin:

  • Anantamool (Hemidesmus Indicus) – detoxifies the body and improves complexion.
  • Haridra (Curcuma Longa) – anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory. Helps reduce and prevent acne.
  • Kunkuma (Crocus Sativus) – Helps reduce acne, dark circles and pigmentation and makes skin radiant.
  • Manjishtha (Rubia Cordifolia) – Blood purifier. Helps keep skin clear and free from acne.
  • Guduchi (Tinospora Cordifolia) – Purifies blood, removes toxins and prevents skin diseases.
  • Bhringraj (Eclipta Alba) – Revitalises the body and helps in slowing down aging process.
  • Nimba (Azadirachta Indica) – Anti-fungal and anti-bacterial, purifies blood and prevents acne.
  • Katuka (Picrorhiza Kurroa) – Has a cooling effect on the body and helps prevent and treat skin ailments.
  • Kiratatikta (Swertia Chirata) – Useful in treating rashes and inflammed skin.
  • Amalaki (Emblica Officinalis) – Has anti-oxidant properties, protects skin from UV damage, and has brightening and anti-aging benefits.
  • Haritaki (Terminalia Chebula) – Anti-aging benefits and helps refine the complexion.
  • Bhibhitaka (Terminalia Belerica) – Great for preventing and treating skin disorders.
  • Godhum (Triticum Aestivum) – Anti-oxidant. Helps treat skin disorders.

What I have mentioned here are just a a couple of benefits of each ingredient. If you google any of these, you will get detailed information on how each ingredient is useful in skincare.

Priced at ₹78 for 200ml, I personally feel that this is a wonderful way of improving the skin since it works from within. I would highly recommend the Zandu Lalima Blood and Skin Purifier for all those, girls and boys who have skin issues. But of course, each person is different so the effectiveness would vary from person to person.

Have any of you tried the Zandu Lalima Blood and Skin Purifier? Do you take any such Ayurvedic concoctions for skincare? Do let me know in the comments below.


30 Replies to “Zandu Lalima Blood and Skin Purifier Review”

  1. Hi, I live in South Africa, I am an diabetic 35 year old, and recently my pressure has gone up high has well, I used to take safe, but we no long receive in anymore, so I was told about Lalit a blood purifier and it helps to lighten skin that great to hear, so I purchased it, now it a matter of time to try it out but is it safe 4 a diabetic to use such a product.

    1. I think it’s better to ask your doctor about it since I’m not medically qualified to answer your query 🙂

  2. How to use it. I mean I should take it empty stomach or after having breakfast? And pls mention the timings and quantity.

    1. It is mentioned on the bottle. I personally prefer to take it on an empty stomach in the morning.

  3. Mam I am having dry skin and dark spots on legs … to fair skin and to clear dry skin can I use zandu Lalima to cure

  4. Mam I am having dry skin and dark spots on legs … to fair skin and to clear dry skin can I use zandu Lalima to cure

  5. mam, I have been taking safi about 3 week but i cant find any change into my skin. should i give a try it or continue with safi. and if i want to start Zandu Lalima then after how many days of gapping should i start. Because since i have been taking safi so should i take a gap or directly can start it.

  6. gracy fernandes says: Reply

    i bought this product some 3 days back and i just cant take it. first day in the night i took 2 spoons and within a minute i vomited everything i had eaten. next day i mixed it in warm water and still the same. i don’t know if its because of the taste or smell but the moment i take it closer to my mouth i feel again i will puke.

    1. Oh. I can swallow even very bitter syrups so I’ve never had this issue. Try having it first thing in the morning before you’ve eaten anything? And start with just one spoon first and see how it goes?


  7. Akshaya kale says: Reply

    I just want fair n glowing skin… Is dat possible with this syrup??
    Fortunetly,I dnt have pimple issue ..!!

  8. Its expiry date is march 2018.i return it to chemist but he has not return my money back. I had taken pictures of syrup also send mail to site but not getting any positive reply. How they promise money back to customers even they shall recall all the sample of this batch from market. It is serious issue

  9. I purchased today this product and i found so much lumps in syrup. It may dangerous for health. They should at least check stability of product

    1. Lumps? That is strange. Did you check the manufacturing date on the bottle? I have bought several bottles of Lalima over the years and have never seen any lumps in the syrup.

  10. Bikram Bahadur says: Reply

    how many days one should take zandu lalima for better results??????

    1. You’ll start seeing a difference in a week. I usually take for a month and then stop for sometime. And start again when I feel a pimple coming up.

  11. On my first use it really worked.. But after that i stopped for some days.. Now am consuming this medicine again but my pimples are increasing…

    1. That is strange. Perhaps you should consult a dermatologist who would investigate further into this with blood tests etc. There could be some other cause for your acne.

  12. Abinash Mishra says: Reply

    How Can I Use This???

    1. Two tablespoons in the morning on an empty stomach is how I prefer to take it.

  13. I have been taking laalima every night since last 3 months and could not notice even a slight of change in my pimples or the texture of my skin.

    1. That is strange. It has worked very well not just for me but for so many of my friends and cousins too. Perhaps you should try safi?

    2. Jadavanshi says: Reply

      Try lalima one tea spoon in empty stomach in morning and evening for atleast 21 days , u will surely hav results

  14. how long does the results been seen

  15. Awesome! I will surely try it out. How does your skin feel when you take it long term?

    1. I usually don’t take it long term. The max I’ve had it is 2 months at a stretch and my skin looked and felt fab for quite a while even after stopping it.

    2. I tried Safi blood purify, its good. It controls my acne little bit but not completely.

  16. I am going to give it a try…my skin is in slight rough tiny breakout phase…thank you for this review..

  17. I was used to take safi before marraige for 3 month. but when i stopped it i got horrible break out

    1. That’s terrible. I havent tried Safi but I’m really happy with the results with this one.

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