Top 5 Things to do in Aamby Valley City

Things to do in Aamby Valley City

With a long weekend coming up soon, everyone around me is planning their getaways and after reading my post on Aamby Valley City, asking me to recommend things to do there. Well, besides relaxing in the luxurious cottages and catching up on sleep and reading on the balcony while the birds serenade you. So here are my top 5 things to do in Aamby Valley City on a long weekend…..

Things to do in Aamby Valley City

Water Sports and Swimming Pool

What’s a holiday without a bit of lazing in the pool? This holds true for a holiday at Aamby Valley City as well, which has a lovely infinity edge pool with views of the verdant hills as well as a wave pool that kids absolutely love.

The pool also has a kiddie pool adjacent to it as well as a hot water jacuzzi – a must for a sensuous experience when it’s pouring with rain.

Things to do in Aamby Valley City
The wave pool at Aamby Valley City in the twilight.

Besides the pool and the wave pool, Aamby Valley City also offers a host of water sports at Wetlands on the Great Lake which is one of three man-made lakes at Aamby Valley. With Speed Boats, Jet Ski, Jet Boats, Traditional Boats, Pirate Ship, Banana Boat, Aqua Bus and others, one entire day at the Wetlands would seem insufficiant.

Things to do in Aamby valley City
Son enjoying the jet ski ride.

Waterfall Safari

If you follow me on my social media, you would have seen pictures of me getting drenched under a waterfall and even romancing a bit behind the curtain of water. That is the magic of the Waterfall Safari, a seasonal offering at Aamby Valley City where a guide takes you to the different waterfalls in the surrounding forests and you can channel your inner Bollywood diva.

Things to do in Aamby ValleyCity
A bit of romance under the waterfall.

The little trek to all the waterfalls is safe yet adventurous and the kids have a blast navigating the bamboo and rope bridge and walking along the muddy trail. The guides are also extremely knowledgeable and gentle yet firm with the kids ensuring that the kids have a great time without doing anything foolhardy.

Things to do in Aamby Valley City
Son enjoying the waterfall


Things to do in Aamby Valley City
On the rope bridge at the Waterfall Safari

Since the Waterfall Safari is operational only during the monsoons, I highly, highly recommend that you go for it if you’re travelling to Aamby Valley anytime soon. It is especially a great experience for urban brats who only prefer to splash around in swimming pools.

Adventure Sports at 19 Degree North

Just outside Aamby Valley City is 19 Degree North – the place to get your adrenalin rush. Go for a spin in the muddy terrain in an ATV or pretend to shoot down enemies with paintballs or try Zorbing, Rapelling, Ziplining or even Trekking and overnight camping here!

There is a smaller, easier Zipline for kids and a longer Zipline for adults that makes you feel like you’re soaring over the tree tops. From kids to adults, everyone is sure to have a blast here.

Things to do in Aamby Valley City
ATVs at 19 Degree North – the adventure sports complex at Aamby Valley City

Beach Cricket and Beach Volleyball

Things to do in Aamby Valley City

Along with a wave pool, Aamby Valley City also has a lovely artificial beach with views of the lake. The only thing that could get the kids out of the wave pool was the lure of beach cricket. They of course, had no qualms about getting sand all over their wet bodies as they bowled, batted and fielded with their dad while I relaxed and read on my Kindle. For those who aren’t too fond of cricket, there is the option of Beach Volleyball.

The Fountain of Fortune

A must-see, this musical water fountain is a delight to watch. Yes, you may have seen similar fountain shows at international destinations but what I loved about the Fountain of Fortune is the beautiful Bollywood ballads that the waters swing to the tunes of. It was extremely difficult for me to get a good video of the fountain since the music could barely be heard above the sounds of the people talking so I’m sharing the clip from Aamby Valley’s website to give you a glimpse of what it’s like.


But this is not all there is to do in Aamby – these were just my personal favourites. There is Horse Riding and Fishing, there’s an 18-hole Golf Course, a toy train to give you a tour of Aamby and of course, the gymnasium for those who simply can’t do without their daily workout. The Spa was under construction when we visited and, being a spa junkie that I am, I can’t wait to go back to Aamby to experience the the Spa which will certainly be luxurious like the rest of the City.

And even if you don’t feel like doing any of these, you can simply enjoy leisurely strolls through the tree-lined avenues of Aamby, swing on the giant swings by the lakefront and take in the beauty of the landscape in this delightful planned town. Or, enjoy some peaceful moments with a coffee and a book on the verandah of your accomodation …..

Aamby Valley City review

Have you been to Aamby Valley City? Which of these would you like to do at Aamby Valley City? Do let me know in the comments below.

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