Sofy Bodyfit Overnight Review

Sofy Bodyfit Overnight Sanitary pads review

Sleeping Beauty – according to movies and ads….

But reality….

Let’s admit it, none of us are sleeping beauties while we are actually getting our beauty sleep! “Sleeping Ugly” would be a more apt term. Most of us have a night cream on our face, sometimes even oil in our hair. We toss around in our sleep, kick, pull the blanket then kick it off, fling our arm, drool and sometimes even snore. And that’s what we are comfortable with and what ensures that we are well rested and fresh the next day. That fresh, radiant look that comfortable, restful sleep gives us is the reason why it is called “Beauty Sleep”.


SOFY Bodyfit Overnight Review

₹155 for 10 pads. Buy Here

But imagine sleeping in just one position all night, in a prim and proper manner? We certainly don’t feel well rested the next day. And yet, at some point in her life, each girl has had to sleep in such a conscious manner during that time of the month – being very conscious each time she turns and aware, even in deep sleep, that if she isn’t careful, there could be embarassing stains on the bedsheets.

Sofy Bodyfit Overnight Sanitary pads review

To give girls stress-free, restful beauty sleep, Sofy has launched the SOFY Bodyfit Overnight, the longest napkin in India and one which  has a wider hip guard to cover the panty from the back for extra coverage. Since it is meant specifically for overnight usage, the Sofy Bodyfit Overnight is XXL 350mm to be precise! The shape of this sanitary napkin is such that it is wider at the back giving extra coverage there to prevent staining even on heavy flow nights so that you can sleep comfortably.

Sofy Bodyfit Overnight sanitary pads review

Besides the extra-wide hip cover, this napkin also has specially designed groves on it’s surface that help maintain the shape of the pad regardless of which position you twist and turn in while sleeping. This also helps in preventing stains. The Sofy Bodyfit Overnight also has a Double Absorbent Core to quickly absorb the fluid while keeping you dry and comfortable all night long.

Sofy Bodyfit Overnight review

Priced at ₹155 for 10 pads, the Sofy Bodyfit Overnight is a good option for those nights when you have heavy flow. When you know that you have good coverage, you can be worry-free and can sleep well – no matter what position you are comfortable in.

Unlike most other sanitary napkin brands and their boring advertisements that don’t deviate from the same cliched framework, SOFY’s new ad for the Bodyfit Overnight is really cute and adorable. Check it out:

I really loved how beautifully they have conceptualised and shot this video. They have made even the snoring girl look so cute! And all of us can relate to the arm dangling from the bed, or tossing and turning so much that we end up on the opposite side of the bed. And best of all, I loved what they say at the end of the video….

“Sleeping beauties belong only in fairy tales. 

You sleep best when you sleep ugly.”

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