Himalaya Wintercare Range for Face, Body and Lips

HImalaya Wintercare range

I love winters – the chill, the fog, the winterwear – but my city, Mumbai, has no winter to talk of! The winter temperatures here are equivalent to those in summer in some cities around the world! However, the air does get drier with reduced humidity in the winters and that takes a toll on the skin. Himalaya, the Indian herbal brand, recently launched a whole range of wintercare products for the body, face and lips.

Himalaya Wintercare Range

HImalaya Wintercare range

This time around, instead of just a blog post, I decided to talk about all these products in a video….

The Himalaya Wintercare Range consists of Body Lotions in three variants, a skin cream, a winter skin cream, a day cream, night cream and lip balms in 5 variants (of which two are shown here).

HImalaya wintercare body lotions
Himlaya Wintercare Body Lotion

While all the products are quite nice – some better than the others – I do have my personal favourites from amongst them. From the three variants of the  body lotion, my favourite one is the Intensive one which has Cocoa Butter and wheatgerm oil. It is thicker than the other lotions and has a warm, caramel-y fragrance that I really like a lot.

The Revitalizing Night Cream is another favourite (though the Day Cream is also really good) because it is very light yet hydrating and makes my skin feel nourished and look fresh in the morning despite not getting adequate sleep. My mom has been using this since quite  a while (the earlier version that came in a different packaging) and she has been loving this. And I can understand why.

HImalaya Wintercare range
HImalaya Revitalizing Night Cream

There are five variants in the lip balm – Vanilla, Strawberry, Litchi, Peach and Cocoa Butter of which I have the first two. None of the lip balms have petrolleum jelly, mineral oil or preservatives which is fabulous.  The fragrance of the Vanilla lip balm is really lovely – like a blend of vanilla and bubblegum – and it is great for kids too, especially boys who hate shiny, tinted lip balms.

Himalaya lip balms
Himalaya Lip Balms in Vanilla. and Strawberry

Have you tried out any of these products? Which ones did you like the most?

Also, do leave feedback on my video. Editing is a challenge for me and I’m still learning the A-B-Cs of it. I would also like to know what sort of videos you’d like me to do so mention that as well 🙂

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  1. Himalya’s products never disappointed me! Well written post!!

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