Trica Hair Clinic at Jean Claude Biguine – My New Haircare Journey

Trica Hair Clinic by Jean Claude Biguine

Hair fall is something I had to deal with since the advent of motherhood. However, in the last year, due the combined effects of chemical assault on my hair in the form of cysteine therapy and different hair colours, the hairfall reached alarming levels so much so that everyone I met commented on how scanty my once-lush and lustrous  hair was now looking. During one of my visits to the Jean-Claude Biguine salon, I saw that they had tied up with Trica Hair Clinic to offer solutions for hairfall and hair loss….

Trica by Jean Claude Biguine

Since JCB was offering a free consultation, I went ahead and booked an appointment with the trichologist to understand what was happening with my hair what I could do to improve it. During the consultation, the doctor checked my scalp with a special camera to understand the health of the scalp as well as to check the hair growth.

Trica hair clinic by Jean Claude Biguine

Before checking my hair and scalp, she also asked me in detail about my lifestyle, stress levels, food and sleep habits. Obviously, a hectic daily routine combined with sleep deprivation didn’t really help my hair even though my diet was reasonably healthy. The conclusion was that not only did I have hair fall, I also had hair loss and hair thinning and the doctor recommended the Renew and Regrow treatment for me.

Trica Hair Clinic by Jean Claude Biguine

Now these treatments do pinch the pocket a bit so I took a month to decide whether to go for it or not. Finally, despairing over my ever-increasing hair fall, I decided to take the plunge and signed up for four months of the Renew and Regrow Treatment at the Trica Hair Clinic.

This four month treatment includes weekly sessions where in the scalp is cleaned,  nutrients and peptides delivered directly to the hair roots and “Biogenesis” to stimulate hair growth.

Trica Hair Clinic by Jean Claude Biguine
The customised combination of nutrients and peptides to address my hair’s needs.


Trica Hair Clinic by Jean Claude Biguine
The peptide cocktail being applied onto my scalp.
Trica Hair Clinic by Jean Claude Biguine
This “helmet” is the Biogenesis treatment that is supposed to stimulate the hair growth.


Trica Hair Clinic by Jean Claude Biguine
The part I like the best, the soothing hair massage.

Besides the weekly in-clinic sessions, the treatment also includes at home care in the form of a plant-based shampoo, hair pack and serum as well as multi-vitamin and mineral  supplements to add nourishment to the hair from within.

Of course, the damage to the hair has happened over a period of time so any kind of treatment will also take time to show results. Which is why I am writing about this hair care journey on my blog so that you can track my progress with me and so that my experience can help you decide whether to go for such an expensive treatment for your hair fall and hair loss issues. I shall be writing on a monthly basis about the progress and the changes (if any) in my hair health. If I can get my scalp images from the Trica clinic, I will share those with you as well so that you can see the results yourself.

Are any of you also experiencing severe hair fall and hair thinning? What treatments have you tried and have any of those worked for you? Do let me know in the comments below.

7 Replies to “Trica Hair Clinic at Jean Claude Biguine – My New Haircare Journey”

  1. hi
    you have not mentioned about the price

  2. what was the price range? how much did they charge for a months treatment?

  3. Farzana Shroff says: Reply

    Hi any feedback on how the treatment works ??

    1. So far, it was going well. I also did a one month update. However, I have missed my sessions and have been skipping my medicines since 4 weeks because of my busy schedule and because I was travelling. However, there has been a slight reduction in hairfall.

      1. Hello, how has the treatment faired so far? I am planning to go to them so your feedback would be really helpful.

        1. Hi, It worked quite well for the two months that I was regular with the treatment. All throughout May and June, however, I couldn’t go for the treatments since I was ill / travelling / busy with school work etc.

  4. Hi any feedback on the treatment. How has been the progress?

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