Himalaya Cocoa Butter Body Cream Review

HImalaya Cocoa Butter Body Cream review

I received this body butter 4 weeks ago and that’s all I have been using ever since. I’m talking about the Himalaya Cocoa Butter Body Cream, a product that is just perfect to combat the winter dryness (though Bombay doesn’t have a proper winter, it does get quite dry). If you have seen my video on the Himalaya Wintercare Range (or read my blog post on it), then you would know that my favourite among the body lotions in that range was the Cocoa Butter one which has a really delightful, warm, dessert-y fragrance. The Himalaya Cocoa Butter Body Cream is even more fabulous and I simply LOVE it! Read on to know more about this wonderfully hydrating body cream…..

HImalaya Cocoa Butter Body Cream review

About the Himalaya Cocoa Butter Body Cream

Price ₹270 for 200ml

“Himalaya Cocoa Butter Body Cream is an intensely moisturising rich body cream enriched with the goodness of natural cocoa butter that absorbs easily, eliminates dryness and dullness, leaving your skin healthy and radiant. The thick texture and consistency of the cream intensely moisturises, softens and replenishes the lost moisture in dry and extra dry skin. 

The key ingredient – Cocoa Butter, also known as the oil of Theobroma – is a high quality emollient and a skin softening and moisturising agent that promotes healing and prevents the skin from drying and cracking. The Vitamin E in cocoa butter protects the skin from the harmful effects of pollution and it’s anti-oxidant properties make your skin more youthful.”

HImalaya Cocoa Butter Body Cream review

Let me say it again, I LOVE this body cream! After using it for 4 weeks, I still have 3/4th of the tub left! Despite being really thick and rich, it isn’t greasy at all and gets absorbed into the skin instantly moisturising it and making it feel soft and supple.

It has a really delightful caramel-y fragrance that is mild and doesn’t linger long but adds to the pleasant experience of applying body butter. The Himalaya Cocoa Butter Body Cream is one of the rare creams that my sons don’t mind me applying on them. They dislike creams / lotions with a floral fragrance but really like this one.

HImalaya Cocoa Butter Body Cream review


HImalaya Cocoa Butter Body Cream review

My Views

I always love it when products do what they claim to do. In the case of the Himalaya Cocoa Butter Body Cream, it is truly rich and moisturising and it does leave even very dry skin feeling soft, smooth and supple. Skin feels comfortable all day and there’s no tightness or itchiness through the day so there’s no need to re-apply the cream.

The best part is, the hydration that one usually gets from high end body butters that usually cost almost 3 times the amount (or even more) is now available at such an affordable price. And that too from an Indian herbal brand.  I highly recommend the Himalaya Cocoa Butter Body Cream and if you have dry skin, get this asap. Your skin will thank you.

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  1. Jayanthi Parthasarathy says: Reply

    Nice review – Was waiting for this
    I see a lot of chemicals in the ingredients list , not entirely natural

    1. That’s what even I thought till I googled them. Most of them are emollients and essential for the absorption of the product into the skin without a greasy feel. Phenoxyethanol is a preservative and though it has received flack, it is considered to be a safer alternative to parabens. Again, there is so much research, both for and against, these chemical ingredients that it gets confusing.

  2. Even I love this body cream by Himalaya… I have this one and my dry skin just love it… very nice review… Thank you for sharing..

    1. Thank you 🙂

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