Baby Sebamed Sun Lotion SPF 50 – Launch Event and Review

Baby Sebamed Sun Lotion SPF 50 review

There is a saying that goes “Too much of a good thing is bad.” Well, this holds true for something that gives life,  light, heat and energy to our entire planet – the Sun. The very same sun that gives us, among other things, Vitamin D that is so essential for healthy bones, also gives out Ultra Violet rays that are very harmful. The Ultra Violet – or UV – rays are of two types – UVA (that is responsible for photoaging of the skin like wrinkles and dark spots) as well as UVB (that cause sun burn). As adults, we can get away with applying any sunscreen but for the delicate and sensitive skin of our kids, we need a sunscreen that offers sun protection while taking care of the child’s skin – like the newly launched Baby Sebamed Sun Lotion SPF 50.

Baby Sebamed Sun Lotion SPF 50 review

About Baby Sebamed Sun Lotion

Price ₹1,400 / 200ml.


“Prevents sunlights induced damages, skin irritations and protects against dryness of baby’s delicate skin. 

  • Reliable UVA+UVB protection. pH balanced. 
  • Cell protection with Vitamin E and regenerating Provitamin B5.
  • Oil-free, non-occlusive, non-comedogenic. 
  • Free from alcohol, dyes, paraben, paraffins, PEG bonds and PABA esters and acrylamide. “
Baby Sebamed Sun Lotion SPF 50 review
Baby Sebamed Sun Lotion Launch event

Baby Sebamed Sun Lotion SPF 50 review

The Baby Sebamed Sun Lotion SPF 50 Launch event was held at a club in South Mumbai with games and fun galore for the little ones. The new Baby Sebamed Sun Lotion was unveiled by the excited children themselves after which, mommies and kids  were taught the right way to apply sunscreen (shake the bottle first and apply 20 minutes before heading out in the sun).

Baby Sebamed Sun Lotion SPF 50 review

Baby Sebamed Sun Lotion SPF 50 review

Once we had all applied the sunscreen lotion,  mommies and kids below 6 went to the lawns  to do some yoga and set the record for India Book of Records.

Baby Sebamed Sun Lotion SPF 50 review

Coming to the product itself, the Baby Sebamed Sun Lotion SPF 50 is a mix of mineral as well as chemical sunscreens. (For those of you who are wondering what is the difference, read this post that explains everything you’d want to know about sunscreens). Additionally, Nano particles of Titanium Dioxide – the mineral sunscreen ingredient – have been used in the sunscreen which prevents the greasiness and white cast that most physical sunscreens give.

Baby Sebamed Sun Lotion SPF 50 review

All Sebamed products are cruelty-free and this sunscreen is no exception. Besides that, it is also paraben-free, fragrance-free, non-comedogenic and oil-free making it perfect for the sensitive skin  of babies and children. Moreover , it has a pH of 5.5 which is the pH balance of healthy skin ensuring that the acid mantle of the skin is not disturbed.


A crash course on what is the pH level of skin  – Our skin is naturally designed to fight infection and it’s ability to do so is affected by it’s pH level. Our skin has a thin, protective layer on the surface referred to as the mantle which is made up from sebum – secreted from the skin’s sebaceous glands – mixed with the lactic and amino acids from sweat to create the skin’s pH which is 5.5. Products with pH of 5.5 help maintain this balance so that the skin is neither dry nor greasy.

Baby Sebamed Sun Lotion SPF 50 review

The Baby Sebamed Sun Lotion SPF 50 is packaged in a very travel-friendly and child-friendly plastic bottle with a flip top cap that snaps shut tight so that there is no leakage or breakage. In fact, kids 4 years and above can even apply it themselves – just give the bottle a good shake, squeeze out the sunscreen and apply – simple.

The texture is a bit thick as compared to some of the other sunscreens that I have tried but once it is applied on the skin, there is no sticky or greasy feel. It is water resistant but as we all know, no matter how water resistant a sunscreen, you have to reapply it once you step out of the water and towel off.


This is definitely going to come along with me on my holiday this summer regardless of where I go because when you’re out travelling / sightseeing / doing adventure sports / lounging on the beach all day, you do need sun protection.

Which sunscreen do you like to use for the kids? Let me know in the comments.


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