Whisper Ultra Soft – Launch Event and Product Review

Whisper Ultra Soft review

I was fresh out of college and had started my first job when the Whisper Ultra was launched in India. It was far, far thinner than the normal sanitary napkins and because of that, gave me the confidence to wear what ever I wanted. That was when I became a loyal Whisper consumer. So, last week, when I was invited to the launch of a new variant – the Whisper Ultra Soft, I was very eager to see how Whisper, a brand that has consistently tried to make our periods more comfortable, could improve on an already great product.

Whisper Ultra Soft review

Whisper Ultra Soft review

The Whisper Ultra Soft launch event was held on the International Women’s Day – a very apt day to celebrate a product that is meant for feminine hygiene and that aims to help women feel comfortable even during those five days so that they don’t have to put a break on their normal lives. Our daily lives are filled with stressful situations and our periods shouldn’t have to add to that stress. Be it cooking a great meal or wowing the clients with a great presentation, taking a class of children on a field trip or assisting on the sets of a movie – a woman can really perform her best if she is comfortable. And comfort is what Whisper Ultra Soft promises to give them.

At the event, Radhika Apte, Dr. Palshetkar ( gynecologist) and Edit Tilly (senior scientist at the P&G R&D center) spoke about the importance of being comfortable during those five days as well as the importance of good intimate hygiene. We women have to deal with back aches and stomach cramps anyway during our period, and our sanitary napkin shouldn’t add to the discomfort.

Whisper Ultra Soft review

Whisper Ultra Soft launch event
(Btw, how amazing is my highlight looking?)

Edith Tilly even demonstrated how Whisper Ultra Soft had better absorption and liquid lock as compared to another sanitary napkin (which wasn’t even as thin or as soft as the Whisper one). The liquid did not drip out from the Whisper Ultra Soft no matter how hard one squeezed. You can see that demo in this video below…

We celebrated International Women's Day in conversation with Actor Radhika Apte, Dr.Nandita Palshetkar – Gynaecologist and Edith Tilly, Senior Scientist from P&G – R&D Centre at the all new Whisper #UltraSoft, 2xSofter, Blogger meet. Watch to get a glimpse of the event!

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Coming to the product itself, true to claims, the Whisper Ultra Soft is indeed very soft and comfortable indeed. I have switched over to alternate methods of feminine hygiene during my period since a few years and wondered if I could sleep comfortably with a sanitary napkin. But I was amazed at just how thin, soft and comfortable the Whisper Ultra Soft is!

Whisper Ultra Soft review

The comfort one gets with the Whisper Ultra Soft is thanks to the innovations in this sanitary napkin –

  • An ultra soft topsheet (that is 2x softer) and wings that are very gentle on the delicate skin.
  • Special pores that quickly whisk away the liquid so that you feel dry.
  • Special gel sandwiched between the layers of the napkin that turn to crystals to lock the liquid so that there are no leakages or stains.
  • Longer length and wider back for maximum coverage and protection.

Whisper Ultra Soft review

Whisper Ultra Soft review
Close up of the “pores” and the blue gel underneath.

One of the primary reasons why I had stopped using sanitary napkins was the rashes I used to get each time. And of course, those itchy rashes take time to subside even after your period is over.

I am glad to say that I did not experience any rashes when I used the Whisper Ultra Soft which is true to name, very very soft indeed! Another thing that I liked about this napkin is that it has “fresh, odourless pearls” that prevent a nasty smell.

Whisper Ultra Soft review
The Whisper Ultra Soft is also ultra thin!

I too, decided to pour some blue ink into the Whisper Ultra Soft just to show you how the liquid gets absorbed into the  pad.

Whisper Ultra Soft review
The “pores” help pull the liquid quickly to the core so there is no wetness on the surface.


Whisper Ultra Soft review
The inner layers of the Whisper Ultra Soft with the “fresh, odorless pearls”.

 I have to say that the Whisper Ultra Soft is truly the softest, thinnest and most comfortable sanitary napkins that I have tried. These are priced at ₹64 for a pack of 7 napkins and are great for the delicate, sensitive skin around the most intimate part of our body.

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  1. Nice, informative post! When is this launching? Have not seen them in stores yet..

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