Trica Hair Treatment at Jean-Claude Biguine – First Month Update

Trica hair treatment at Jean-Claude Biguine Salon

Last month, after my hair fall sent warning bells ringing in my head, I signed up for the Trica Hair Treatment at the Jean-Claude Biguine Salon. Hair is something that reflects the health of the body. Whatever the changes in a person’s body – good or bad – the effects of those are seen in the health of the hair but after a period of time – around 3 months. Similarly, any kind of mediciation or treatments for the hair will also show results after at least 3 months of consistently following it. Which is why, I thought of doing monthly updates for my Trica treatment and share the results with you.

Trica hair treatment at Jean-Claude Biguine Salon

I had recently shared this picture of me on social media. Isn’t my hair looking much nicer in this one? This is how my hair looks now, after a month of the Trica Hair Treatment (I missed two of my weekly sessions in the middle due to work and travel). Doesn’t it look nice? I really like how it is looking and feeling.

Trica Hair treatment at Jean-Claude Biguine salon

While I haven’t noticed much reduction in my hair fall (guess it is still too early), I have noticed that my hair looks and feels much healthier. The texture of my hair is slightly smoother and my hair feels less brittle. Overall, when I touch my hair, it just feels healthier in a way that is difficult to describe. The itchy, sensitive feeling that I had on my scalp has also greatly reduced. The fact that there has been so much improvement in the texture of my hair makes me feel like my hair is in good hands with Trica.  Hopefully the hair fall will also reduce soon.

One of the interesting things that is a part of the in-salon treatment with Trica is the “meso therapy” or a dermaroller. If you follow my Instagram stories, you would have seen this in action. Basically, it is a little roller with tiny needles on it that prick the skin. What this does is that it tricks the skin into thinking that there is an injury so that the blood rushes into that area to “heal” the “wound”. This leads to an increased blood flow in that area and better absorption of the nutrient-rich peptides and other solutions that are applied in the scalp.

Trica Hair treatment at jean-claude biguine salon
Derma roller being used on the scalp.

Besides the weekly in-salon treatments, I also have to use the home care system that consists of a shampoo, conditioner and a leave-in scalp treatment as well as hair-care supplements.  All of these combined help in restoring the hair and getting it back to a healthy state.

Trica hair treatment at jean-claude biguine salon
At home care for Trica hair treatment

So far, I am really happy with the way the Trica hair treatment is going. Yes, going to the salon every week is a bit of a hassle but then no gains without any pains, right? I have also stopped using hair colour on my hair and have switched back to the combination of henna and indigo that I used to use (my decision entirely; not something that the Trica doc told me) . Another thing I have to be careful about is scheduling the henna application because two days prior and two days after the in-salon treatment, no such things are supposed to be applied to the hair. All of this is worthwhile when I see the improvement in my hair. So far, so good.


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  1. Neelangana vasudeva says: Reply

    Hi ,
    I have been facing the same issue, not sure if I should enroll for the Trica Treatment or go to a trichologist. Did it work for you ? Please advice

    1. Hi, The Trica treatment was working pretty well. However with my busy schedule and the kids routines, it was becoming increasingly difficult for me to take time out every week and go for the sessions.

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