Easy Bedroom Makeover with Tangerine

Bedroom Makeover with Tangerine Home Decor

When we got our home renovated recently, one of the biggest challenges we faced was making the bedrooms look as glam as they did in the rendered images that the architect had shown us. The interiors were as beautiful as he had shown us – in fact even better – but in the images, he had shown perfectly co-ordinated bedsheets and comforter sets on the beds.  That was something we struggled to find. While we bought amazingly soft and cuddly soya-bean fibre comforters, they were white so we had to stick to white bedsheets to give a co-ordinated look. With any other kind of bedsheets, we had to store away the comforter and only remove them at night.

Tangerine Home Decor
Pretty bedsheets with white comforter.

As a solution to this, we also got a beautiful bed spread and cushion set as well as bed runners  but again, putting these away at the end of a long and tiring day is quite a hassle.

Tangerine Home Decor
While bed spreads look beautiful, putting them away at night is a pain.

Finally, I came across Tangerine, a lifestyle home decor brand, that had a very unique collection – Sleek Layers – a range of super soft dohars / blankets that came with co-ordinated bed sets! Just what I needed. The Tangerine products are available at several websites and come in various different styles so I quickly started browsing them all to find just the right ones for my bedroom as well as for my in-laws’ room since both have distinctly different decor.

Finally, I chose a very minimalist, monochromatic striped one from the Midnight Rouge Collection for my white bedroom and a warm floral one from the Desert Safari to go with the luxe, gold vibes of my in-laws bedroom.

Bedroom Makeover with Tangerine Home Decor
Bedsheet and co-ordinated dohar from the Tangerine Midnight Rouge Collection.


Bedroom Makeover with Tangerine Home Decor
Bedsheet and co-ordinated dohar from the Tangerine Desert Safari collection.

You can see me in action as the “Domestic Goddess” as I go about changing the sheets in my in-laws’ bedroom and tidying it up in this video:

The bedsheets have a high thread count and feel very luxurious. The exact thread count isn’t mentioned on the package but they do feel very smooth and have a soft sheen to them too. They are also 100% combed cotton and are pre-shrunk so you don’t have to worry about them shrinking or pilling post wash.

The Dohars are super soft and cuddly and just perfect for the coming winters. They are 100% cotton with a microfiber filling and best of all, are reversible with interesting stripes in the theme colours on the back so if you get bored with the print on the front, you can simply turn it around. It is no wonder then that my bed feels so cosy and inviting that I simply don’t feel like getting out of it!

Bedroom Makeover with Tangerine Home Decor

The Tangerine Double Bedsheet Sets are priced at ₹3,499 each and the Dohars are ₹6,999 each. Of course, there are lower priced collections too, but these ones are from the Gold festive collection.

I’m so glad that I “discovered” the co-ordinated sets from Tangerine because those are just what I had been hunting for. I also need to get single bedsheet + dohar sets for the kids bedroom (they have a bunk bed) but the styles I had liked, that were perfect for their bedroom decor, were out of stock. Besides bedsheets and comforters, Tangerine also has co-ordinated accessories such as cushions and mugs so you can have a totally co-ordinated decor look. Do go check them out on their Facebook Page and Instagram.

I’d love to know your thoughts on this post and video. Also, do let me know if you’d like to see more home decor posts on the blog.

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