Himalaya FOR MOMS Intimate Care Range

Himalaya For Moms Intimate Care

Recently, Himalaya Herbals sent me a hamper that took me back to my new-mommyhood days bringing back memories of days that blurred into nights in an endless round of milk-pee-potty-sleep-repeat. Besides nutrition and rest, good hygiene is also very crucial during that delicate phase of life and the new Himalaya FOR MOMS Intimate Care Range is meant for that. The range comprises of an Intimate Wash, Intimate Wipes as well as Nursing Wipes which are a boon, not just for a new mom but even for women in general.

Himalaya For Moms Intimate Care Range

About the Himalaya FOR MOMS Intimate Care Range:

“Himalaya FOR MOMS is a range of safe, effective and gentle products, specially formulated for women during pregnancy and beyond. Combining the best of Ayurveda with years of scientific research, these products effectively restore natural health and vitality of the skin.”


Himalaya For Moms Intimate Care Range

Himalaya FOR MOMS Intimate Wash

Himalaya For Moms Intimate Care Range

Whether you have had a normal delivery, an episiotmy, an epidural or even a C-sec, the pregnancy hormones, the bleeding everything makes that area very sensitive and prone to irritation. Nobody needs a UTI to add to the myriad changes happening in the body and thus, it is imperative to maintain good intimate care hygiene.

Regular soap and water upsets the delicate pH balance of the sensitive area and hence aren’t recommended. The new Himalaya FOR MOMS Intimate Wash has Tea Tree Oil and Pongamia Oil that gently cleanse the area while maintaining the pH balance. It helps control itching, odour  and irritation.

Himalaya For Moms Intimate Wash ingredients

And why only during and after pregnancy? A good intimate wash is essential for all women, especially when they have their periods. I have been using the Himalaya Intimate Wash since over a fortnight and have to say, it is really good indeed. And affordable too!

Himalaya FOR MOMS Intimate Wipes

Himalaya For Mom Intimate Wipes

Maintaining good intimate hygiene is important all through the day, specially so if you are travelling. While the liquid wash can be cumbersome to use when travelling, the wipes are really handy. Made from really soft material that doesn’t chaff or irritate the sensitive skin, these have Pongamia Oil which helps reduce itching, irritation and dryness as well as Lavender Oil whose pleasant fragrance helps keep odours away. Pregnant or not, these wipes are compact enough to carry in the bag and help keep infection-causing bacteria away, especially when using public washrooms.

Himalaya For Moms Intimate Wipes Ingredients

Himalaya For Moms Nursing Wipes

Himalaya For Moms Nursing Wipes

Ask any mother who has breast-fed her baby and she’ll tell you the importance of cleaning the nipple before and after a feed. Fluctuating hormones and the tugging of the nipples during a feed both leave the area feeling sore. If there is any remnant of breast milk or baby’s saliva on the nipple, it can lead to further soreness and cracking too!

I used to use a damp mulmul cloth to clean the area (my boys are now 11 and 7 by the way) but it’s nice to have wipes meant for this purpose. (Himalaya also has a great Nipple Care Butter to heal sore nipples – check out the review here)

Himlaya For Moms Nursing Wipes Ingredients

Among the ingredients, the Himalaya FOR MOMS Nursing Wipes have 100% edible grade coconut oil. While they are really great for a post-feed cleanse, I am sceptical about using anything other than plain water on the area the baby is going to nurse from. Because, along with the coconut oil, there are other ingredients in the wipes and I firmly believe that, unless medically required, nothing should go in the baby’s tummy for the first 6 months except for breast milk. Just my opinion.

While these wipes might be meant for nursing, I find them great for older kids as well for a quick post sport activity clean-up. After their football class, the boys are really hungry and need to have their snack as soon as they get into the car so these wipes are just perfect for cleaning their hands and faces before eating.

My Views

Though I am not a new mom anymore, and my elder son is nearly a teen, I do love these additions to the Himalaya FOR MOMS Range. Truly, the Intimate Wash, Intimate Wipes and Nursing wipes can be used by ALL women. I also love how Himalaya has priced all the products very affordably. I really feel that these three products are a must have for women.

Have you tried out any of these Himalaya FOR MOMS products? Do let me know your thoughts on these. Also, let me know if you are a new mom and have any queries related to mommyhood, breast-feeding or any such and I’ll try and help you out as best as I can.

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