Current Anti-Aging Skincare Routine With The Ordinary

The Ordinary skincare review

My skin is looking and feeling  great these days and while it has looked amazing in my pre-mommyhood days, I honestly feel it’s looking quite nice now. The credit for that goes to my current skincare routine which features four products from this awesome, relatively new skincare brand, The Ordinary. Don’t be misled by the name […]

Clinique Smart Treatment Oil Review and Price In India

Clinique Smart Treatment Oil Review

With the weather turning cooler and drier, there is a need to add some extra moisture to our skincare products. Since ancient times, Indian aristocracy has been using potent blends of oils and herbs to keep their skin healthy and youthful but oils soon got a bad reputation for being heavy and causing breakouts. Facial […]

Indian Shringar Turns 3 and Wins “Best Beauty And Skin Blog” Award!

Best Indian Beauty Blog Award

If you follow me on social media,  you would know the two very important milestones that Indian Shringar achieved last week.  On the 18th, I completed three years of blogging and on the 20th, I won the Best Beauty and Skin Blog Award at the BlogAdda WIN15 blogging awards!!!!   I just have one picture […]