Bourjois Rouge Edition in Fuchsia Grafitti…and a disastrous attempt at FOTD and LOTD.

Hey Shringaristas,

Thank you soooo much for all your birthday wishes 🙂 You know, sometimes I feel quite silly getting so excited about my birthday as though I’m a child but then, that’s me 😉

When I had bought my Chanel foundation, I had also been very tempted to buy one of their Rouge Allure lipsticks in Exaltee, a nice bright fuchsia, it then I had already splurged quite a bit by then so didnt buy it. Then on my bday, after shopping, I was waiting for the driver near the exit gate of Phoenix, which is where Lifestyle is and I popped in to just have a look till the car came.

I wanted to check out some lipsticks since MAC hadn’t got Speak Louder or Impassioned in stock that day and I was craving a bright pink lippie. Bourjois had a new collection of lipsticks that seemed interesting and while switching the shades, I felt that Fuchsia Grafitti came really close to the Chanel lippie. Since I didn’t have time to go back to Chanel and swatch that next to Bourjois, I just quickly bought the Bourjois lipstick and came home (I’m quite impulsive like that, hehe).

What Bourjois says about the Rouge Edition lipsticks
¼ pure laque for bright colour and shine
Incredibly soft ‘Ready to wear’ formula
10hr hydration “Must have” colours tested and approved by fashion editors

The lipstick comes in a chic and shiny black case (which his very prone to scratches) with a colour “cube” at the bottom so that you can identify the colour. The shade number too is printed on the bottom.

Fuchsia Grafitti, true to its name, is a pure fuchsia, a bright, blue based pink. After reaching home, I almost regretted buying this coz I felt it would look too bright and a bit garish on me. But I tried it on and I really loved it. Yes, it was different, but nicely so. I wore it that evening when we went for a bit of kite flying and an early dinner (after all, kids had school next day) and I felt that the colour brightened my face.

Rouge Edition has a pleasant, mild fragrance which doesnt linger. The texture and pigmentation of this lipstick is really awesome too. It is very hydrating and goes on smoothly on the lips. Being highly pigmented, just one swipe is enough to give opaque coverage on even pigmented lips. And though the sheen wears off after about a couple of hours, the lipstick lasted through dinner too, fading a bit but because it is so pigmented, the fading wasn’t noticeable. And finally, when I removed it at night, it put up quite a tough fight (rhyme unintentional).

Today, I went again to Phoenix and I took the chance to swatch the Chanel lipstick next to this. Fuchsia Grafitti is pinker and brighter than Exaltee which is warmer and leans more towards red. Since the Chanel one is priced at Rs. 1950 and the Bourjois one is Rs. 775, I don’t really mind the difference in shade. And actually, I’m glad I didn’t buy Chanel coz I’m eyeing the new YSL Vernis a Levres glossy stains so I’d rather buy one of those. Which colour did you like?


Oh, and I’m including one of the pics I had taken last week in an attempt to do an LOTD…quite a disaster isn’t it? And this is one of the better pics…sigh. The LOTD is not much better either. Go ahead, have a laugh on me. …


PS: I’m not wearing Fuchsia Grafitti in the last two pics, those were taken last week.

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32 Replies to “Bourjois Rouge Edition in Fuchsia Grafitti…and a disastrous attempt at FOTD and LOTD.”

  1. Thanks dolle for this review in hair oil product… same time pls post how to make some good oils at home…..I am loosing a lot of hair from the forehead portion

  2. Oh, that’s bad 🙁
    Wonder why that is happening? Could it be bcoz of the rafflecopter widget??? Wonder if its happening with others too :/

  3. I find your blog so difficult to open on my just freezes my screen and sort of hangs my computer 🙁

    Not sure if it’s an issue with my computer..

  4. Disaster??? No wayyyyyyy!!!!!! You look so cute in this…don’t know if you looked much cuter outside the photo, but this one sure looks supergood to me!

    1. 🙂 🙂 🙂 thanks so much.
      Its just that while taking self pics, the shape of the face looks a bit different and u can’t focus well either.

  5. You are rocking this shade! You are soooo pretty and modest too:p. I have been wanting impassioned for a long time now. Have mac’s girl about town though.

    1. Thanks…but I’m not wearing this shade in the pic. Will put up that LOTD soon. I just ordered Elizabeth Arden lipstick in Watermelon which is a glossier version of Impassioned (that’s what iv read)

  6. Nice LOTD… shade is beautiful..

  7. Nickita Francisca Dias says: Reply

    <3 the color :)))…and the pix are lovely :)))

  8. Hey Dollie! you look so charming in these pics….loved the Bourjois shade <3

  9. Those pics are not a disaster at all you look so pretty! and I love the Fuschia color. 🙂


  10. Looking pretty Dollie, loved both the shades 🙂

    1. Awwww, thanks so much Poorva…so sweet of you…my first blog award 😀

  11. Okay u r crazy to think the last 2 pics r crappy 😉 U luk pretty! And u gt kids?? wow! The color luks ekdam jhakas 😉

    1. Seriously, this was the only decent pic…others are turned out real funny. And yup, I have kids…2 boys who keep me on my toes all day!

  12. u look sooo pretty in ur disaster pic 😛

    1. U think so?…thanks.

  13. Fuchsia Graffiti is a beautiful fuchsia hue .. and lovely LOTD 🙂

  14. Kumkum Jain says: Reply

    wow, u look lovely, the pic is not a disaster at all 🙂 entered your giveaway, hoping to win 🙂

    1. Thanks Kumkum…best of luck 🙂

  15. You look pretty Dollie.. not at all a disaster dear!! I loved both the shades on the hand swatch

    1. So sweet of you to say that Niesha 🙂
      Both colours look almost identical on my pigmented lips. I wore Chanel on the lower lip and Bourjois on the upper lip at the store and even the SA couldn’t make out the difference!!

  16. preethi Prasad says: Reply both both the shades..u look gorgeous….u have kissable lips..

    1. Lol…thanks Preethi 😉

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