Books Ahoy! My Little Book Haul…..

I have a passion for books that far exceeds my love for makeup and shopping. Umm, well, you do have to buy books so that comes under shopping anyway…hehe.

All these months I was eagerly awaiting one book… guessed it, The Oath Of The Vayuputras by Amish, the third and final book of the Shiva Trilogy. When it finally launched, unfortunately, I couldn’t go to Crossword for the launch but I bought it online along with some other books. Ironically, that book isn’t in these haul pics coz a friend of mine has borrowed it since I finished it.

Here are the other four books:

One of my favourite author, Jeffery Archer’s Best Kept Secret is the third volume in the Clifton Chronicles. I’m really eager to see how the story concludes in this one.

Yes, Sophie Kinsella is my absolute FAVOURITE chick lit author, perhaps because I can identify with the way she writes or perhaps coz I can always identify with one or more personality trait of the protagonist of her books. However, the books written earlier under her real name, Madeline Wickham, have failed to impress me so far. I’ve read The Wedding Girl and A Desirable Residence and both were quite ok. Her style of writing earlier was quite different than it is today. Lets hope this one turns out to be better than the other two.

I’m the kind of person who Freaks at the term Economics (though I was quite good at it in college), but the synopsis of this book somehow seemed very interesting. So here it is…looking forward to reading it.

Faking It is quite a nice rom-com (romantic comedy). I had never heard of Lotte Daley before but I’m glad I bought this book coz it is a nice read. I’m already done with this book…maybe I’ll do a separate book review soon.

Have you read any of these books? What are you reading currently? I’m eagerly awaiting Sophie Kinsella’s newest book, Wedding Night and the next in series of Ashok K. Banker’s Krishna Coriolis and MBA (Mahabharata) series.

7 Replies to “Books Ahoy! My Little Book Haul…..”

  1. Bisma Rauf says: Reply

    Nice Blog 🙂

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  2. Nice haul…I bought the third book but have not started reading it…:)

  3. I still havent started 🙁

  4. You finished it??? I bought it today and am up all night reading it (and browsing people’s blogs haha)! Isn’t it a BRILLIANT book?
    My Beauty Junction

    1. Hehe, yea! I too had stayed up late to finish it. And it is marvellous…so convincing! You actually feel that the events must have occured the way Amish has written.

    2. Absolutely. You even tell people about Shiva’s experience as a boy and Brahma’s invention of Somras and get in trouble with people who don’t understand you’re talking about the book! Would you believe I took a day off work to read the second book?

    3. Lol…that’s commitment to the book. I really hope that in the movie they make, they sign on Hrithik as Shiva…he would be perfect for it…no one can dance like him!

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