Book Review: Exit Point by Anil Goel

Book Review: Exit Point by Anil Goel

A book that is about some ancient mystery that is unravelling on the Internet? Something that is connected to various happenings in different cities across the world? Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it? I am talking about Exit Point by Anil Goel. I was so engrossed in that book, I so wanted to know what happens next, […]

My Book Collection Part 2

After part 1 of my book collection in the previous post, (click here to read it), here is part 2. Do let me know in the comments if any of these books feature among your favourites. INDIAN CHICK LIT Anuja Chauhan is my favourite Indian chick lit author. I just love her quirky style of writing and […]

My Book Collection – Part 1

Now that elder son is 8, I wanted to get him started on Harry Potter. He’s already read some titles from Enid Blyton, like the Secret Seven, The Wishing Chair, Magic Faraway Tree and I thought that Rowling’s combination of mystery + boarding school + magic would appeal to him enough to make him put down the […]

Mistress Of The Throne Book Review

On my recent trip to Rajasthan, while seeing all the forts and palaces, I couldn’t help imagining what kind of lavish life the women in the royal harem (zanana) would have been living. Opulent clothes, glittering jewels, maids and chaperones to cater to their every need. And yet, it was nothing more than a gilded […]