My Book Collection Part 2

After part 1 of my book collection in the previous post, (click here to read it), here is part 2. Do let me know in the comments if any of these books feature among your favourites.


Favourite Indian Chick lit authors

Anuja Chauhan is my favourite Indian chick lit author. I just love her quirky style of writing and her Hinglish (Hindi + English). The protagonists in her books and the scenario around them are so totally identifiable, like I have mentioned in my review of Those Pricy Thakur Girls here. Lakshmi Narayan‘s Bonsai Kitten is another nice book. I, personally, didn’t like You Are Here and Keep The Change too much. They have been on the best seller lists, but, that’s just my viewpoint.


Misc Indian and Asian authors

This is a mixed bag of Indian and Asian authors whose books I couldn’t really classify. Monisha Rajesh is actually a Brit of Indian origin and anyone who has ever travelled on the Indian Railways needs to read her book. I think I’ll review it in detail soon. And of course, if we’re talking about Indian authors, how can the list not feature Chetan Bhagat? Pittho’s World, It Started With A Friend Request and EX are recent purchases and I haven’t read them as yet.


Indian epics and mythology

And here are books on the topic I’m obsessed with….the Mahabharat. Remember the post I did on which Bollywood actors I would cast if I were to make a movie on the Mahabharat? No? Okay, read it here. The Mahabharat is my absolute favourite “story” in the whole world and I love reading different versions of it. If you like it as much as me, you must read The Palace of Illusions by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni and Ajaya by Anand Neelakantan (reviewed here). Govinda by Krishna Udayshankar is the “logical”, “unmagical” version of the Mahabharat. Ashok Banker’s MBA series is also really nice and I’m waiting for the third book to be released, though I was a bit disappointed with his Krishna Coriolis series.


Indian Historical and Mythological Thrillers

Did you think I would forget to include Amish? I loved the Immortals of Meluha and The Secret Of the Nagas. The Oath Of The Vayuputras started off well but I felt that the ending was a little hodgepodge. Ashwin Sanghi’s books too, start of very well but somehow lose their plot towards the middle and rush headlong into a muddled ending. All except Chanakya Chant. But hey, these are my opinions ok. You are welcome to disagree. The Mahabharat Secret by Christopher C. Doyle is a fantastic read and keeps you gripped right till the end. Mistress Of The Throne is also a beautiful book, one which I’ve reviewed here. Haven’t yet read March Of The Aryans and The Mountain Of Light.


Harry Potter
Chronicles of Narnia, Eragon

Technically, these books belong in son’s book cabinet along with the Roald Dahls and Enid Blytons. However, he hasn’t started reading these yet so they are mine as of now. Can you imagine how heartbroken I am to find so many of my Harry Potters missing? 🙁
I have to still get Eldest, which is the sequel to Eragon. And no, I haven’t read Lord Of The Rings though I will soon.


Science fiction Robin Cook
I forgot to add these under the Thriller section in yesterday’s post because, in a way, they are thrillers. Abducted is my favourite among these because the premise is very different. Chromosome 6 is also very nice. And if you read Toxin, you’ll probably turn vegan…..


Adult fiction, fifty shades of grey, bared to you

Call it adult fiction, call it erotica, I picked these up out of sheer curiosity to see what all the hype was about. Fifty Shades Of Grey isn’t in this pic because I’m re-reading it at the moment and didn’t remember to put it with the others. The first book in Sylvia Day‘s series, Bared To You is with a friend and hence not shown here.

So that was the rest of my book collection. Is there any book you’d like me to review?

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    Waiting patiently for my turn, Dollie 🙂

    Can you please check your email and respond?

  2. You must read them! I’m sure you will like his books 🙂

  3. I so wanted to read Amish and here you have read all of it ! I am staring at your collection for so long now <3

  4. so many books……

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